Huggoes is a global footwear brand that has production and logistics based in the United States. We have been delivering top-notch flip flops all over the state for the masses. Huggoes is a brand that is deeply rooted in the concept that comfortable footwear should be made available to all. Originally from the US, our sandals are made in Thailand.

Because flip flops are a must-have for beach days and summer vacations, we decided to make them more robust and comfier to wear. Flip flops are often known for their fragile structure, and we are out here clearing that misconception. The concept of Huggoes footwear inaugurated from the notion that summer flip flops don’t have to be the source of recurring pain, post-vacation. Hence, we took up the responsibility to create foot-friendly flip flops sandals for women and men.

Our sandals and flip flops are not only good for your feet but are eco-friendly, as well. Made with 100% natural rubber, the Huggoes is biodegradable, making them the primal choice of an environmentalist.

Our craft is all about unique cuts, springy footbed and bright colors that bring back the 80’s summer aura. Our sandals exude minimalistic, normcore, pliable and next-to-the-shore vibe. The Huggoes aesthetic will paint your vacations radiant and make you feel reminiscent in the best way possible. An amalgam of vivid hues and nature’s benevolence, Huggoes has paved a new way for foot-friendly sandals. We create flip flops as you have never seen before.