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Azure Women Flip Flops Slippers

(29 customer reviews)


  • Light Blue/Light Blue
  • SS
  • MM
  • LL
  • XLXL


The classic blue-tinged Azure BL1-WM light blue flip flops have taken over the hearts of fashionistas. The tread patterned footbed with thin straps has the archetypal summer vibe. The pliably flexible footbed of light blue flip flops is water-resistant that makes these sandals a must-have for beachside vacations. You can take these women flip flops slippers into the water, and then walk in them for long hours on rough trails. The patterned outsole of flip flop slippers provides heightened traction whereas the round toe area allows your toes to breathe, freely.
The Huggoes branded flip flop straps will make you feel ever so extravagant. These are the ultimate statement women light blue flip flops that you need in your life to make your summer vacations extra chic and comfy.

Additional information

Strap Color

Light Blue/Light Blue


S, M, L, XL

29 reviews for Azure Women Flip Flops Slippers

  1. Barbara S. Q

    I am soooo happy with my purchase! CUTEESSSTTT!!!

  2. Lucie Panáčková

    Huggoes provide authentic flip flops and I love to wear them at picnics and pool parties.

  3. Hannah Holden

    Nice for watery places.

  4. Annabelle Prevost

    I purchase a pair of flip flops every year and these are the second pair I have got from this website. It is surely going to be my permanent website for flip flop shopping.

  5. Franziska Bader

    Huggoes has built the best quality image with its product. Love wearing them.

  6. Abby Simon

    Cute and my wide feet finally got its perfect size.

  7. Kiara Tozer

    The monochrome color has got my heart!

  8. Ivalu

    Colorful and eye-catching.

  9. Kiara Willshire

    Its soft soles are perfect for my soft feet.

  10. Susan C. Mills

    These fliplfops are ideal for Indoor as well as outdoor activities; I used them inside the house and equally love to wear on beach spots.

  11. Kelly Simons

    Stunning collection for beach parties and pool funs

  12. Juliane Traugott

    Thanks huggoes for saving my summer. These are awesome for my feet.

  13. Johanne Poulsen

    Water loving product. Best to use.

  14. Alita LaGrande

    So flexible and lots of room for my feet to relax.

  15. Jakobine Filemonsen

    Water friendly flip flops, so fine to use in house.

  16. Juanita R. Aviles

    Sooo happy that i got these to perfect my summer days!!

  17. Melanie Eisenhower

    I loved the blue range of these flip flops. My top choice.

  18. Martina Valášková

    High quality product and noticeable color combinations.

  19. Carol D. Walters

    This aqua color is my favorite! Going to buy more for the picnic!!!

  20. Heike Austerlitz

    I read nearly all the reviews and then placed my order. It is really a fantastic thing to buy at normal price…

  21. Debbie H. Gray

    I have never seen flip flops so good in quality and durability.

  22. Rosie Wright

    High quality flip flops at a great price point.

  23. Nivi Frederiksen

    You would love to rest your feet on these squishy flops!!

  24. Heidi J. Murray

    Secure fit and flexible too.

  25. Cerys

    Cool color, reliable to wear!!!

  26. Jane R. Jenkins

    Water and flip flops, its the best pair to own for not missing any summer fun..

  27. J.JJ

    I think you must give them a chance! These are fab…

  28. Mrs. Kahler

    Buying them was not the decision of regret!! It’s totally fine wearing them..

  29. Deborah DDD

    It got my foot covered with comfort!!! I love wearing them all day.

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