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Basil Women Flip Flops Slippers

(60 customer reviews)


  • Lime/BlackLime/Black
  • Lime/OrangeLime/Orange
  • Lime/PinkLime/Pink
  • Lime/PurpleLime/Purple
  • Lime/TurquoiseLime/Turquoise
  • SS
  • MM
  • LL
  • XLXL


Basil GR1-WM lime flip flops are constructed with soft rubber to avoid irritation. These lime flip flops are comfy to such extent that it’d make you feel as if you are walking barefoot. The rubber footbed is soft, which provides a feeling of ease. The cushion made sole is provided for added support for your feet.

These womens lime flip flops are the ideal wear for beachside, park, and pool, as they are water repellant. The natural rubber of the footbed and stretchable flip flop straps are responsible to keep water and mud away from your feet. Pair these flip flop slippers with all your summer outfits, as the classic colors are now available for all. Basil women flip flops slippers are the primal choice of practical women.

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Strap Color

Lime/Black, Lime/Orange, Lime/Pink, Lime/Purple, Lime/Turquoise


S, M, L, XL

60 reviews for Basil Women Flip Flops Slippers

  1. Emily Ashton

    They are so cute and durable! My friends have also bought from here!

  2. Věra Ježková

    The straps are not flimsy and I am surprised that I didn’t stumble in them. Nice.

  3. Linda C. Alexander

    So cheap in price! Love it.

  4. Ms. Jade

    The soft straps cause no irritation and rubbing on my foot.

  5. Maryann J. Lacross

    I love the color and paired it with my light short frock, it was looking very cute.

  6. Isha Verkuijl

    My feet move more naturally in them and they are perfect for summer season.

  7. Olga A. Ratliff

    My strolling became pain less in them. I am a big fan of these flip flops…

  8. Kimberly P. Rayford

    Don them with my denim and shorts. Give flawless looks in both.

  9. Ms.Gracie Browne

    Make my every step smooth and hassle-free. Thumbs up

  10. Tegan Giles

    All colors are made to inspired all fashionistas, lovely collection Huggoes footwear.

  11. Julia Fuchs

    I have bought four of them for my family. Good quality!!

  12. Nicole Herrmann

    These flip flops for women are really new in my collection. The color turns out to be more attractive than it looks in the picture. Satisfied!

  13. Amelia Marcelissen

    Favorite flip flops to wear all summer.

  14. Anonymous

    These are for my indoor use and are very lightweight.

  15. Carolina

    My cutest pair of flip flops!!!

  16. Pavlína Šebestová

    My short skirts have got a new style with these cuties.

  17. Evie Duncan

    Safe shopping experience! I must say they delivered on time..

  18. Alannah Thornber

    Beach friendly! Great to wear in clambakes and pool parties.

  19. Julie Larsen

    It’s good to go on beaches with these cute pairs.

  20. Pearl T. Weil

    Shower shoes and good for beaches.

  21. Harriet Gibbons

    Seaside friendly!!!

  22. Edna C. Taylor

    I have two pairs of these flip flops. One for outdoor and one for in house use!

  23. Uta Neustadt

    Eye popping color combinations!! Gives summery vibes!!

  24. Bella Hawkins

    Wearing these flip flops have completely drawn my attention of using them as a daily wear. I have found them very comfortable!

  25. Gemma McAlroy

    Color is so bright, doesn’t look good on my feet. But quality is good.

  26. Anonymous

    Not that comfy for my feet. I lose the grip while walking.

  27. Mary Mary

    I received it quickly!! These are perfect!!

  28. Lisa

    My favorite flip flops!! Highly recommended…

  29. V.K.R

    They look great, they feel great!!

  30. Kiera Bishop

    Nice quality. Purchased it mainly for the summer fun!!

  31. Anonymous

    It has a sort of highlighting color combination that looks cool and cute. Once this winter is over, I am going to take them out again for a perfect day.

  32. Jeanette

    These flip flops are best for coastal side living.

  33. Kaitlyn.L

    They fits me well. Go for it if lightweight footwear attracts you the most.

  34. Ellie

    My pair is getting older but still giving a comfortable place to my feet for walking.

  35. Zurie Blais

    Light green color looks different in flip flops. I am a big fan of these sandals. Cheap in price.

  36. Angelica Nucci

    I gave five stars for its unique color and high-quality rubber.

  37. Tânia Almeida

    These flip flops are amazing and I love its bright color.

  38. Tayla Helbig

    Not great but not bad too. Just ok to use.

  39. Karoline

    It is best for those who love comfortable and stylish footwear.

  40. Mrs. Huijzer

    Walking on a wooden floor is best in these flip flops.

  41. Mrs. Gréta

    Flip flops of huggoes are the best to use.

  42. Mrs. Redžepi

    These flip flops are the best ones to buy for the picnic and water fun.

  43. Pereira

    I love to wear them on beach spots.

  44. van de

    I am using this slipper since last year and the quality is the best.

  45. Mr. Bergqvist

    Wifey says not as comfy as the last pair. I’ve brought her another pair and she prefers to wear them only at the beach.

  46. Ms. Hegyi

    Love the exotic colors of the flip flops…

  47. Giulia Castiglione

    The cushioned insole provides good support and makes it very comfortable for walking. Great flip-flops.

  48. Mrs. Sykes

    It doesn’t get slippery at all. Good enough traction…

  49. Mariya

    The straps are narrow and the flip flop is very lightweight. My opinion is to bring some arch support flip-flops for stronger customer satisfaction.

  50. Valdivia

    It feels pretty comfortable. Love to wear in summer.

  51. Yamila

    I live in Florida so wear flip-flops every day and everywhere. These work for the beach or out to eat lunch in a summer dress.

  52. Mrs. Duval

    Its soft soles are perfect for my feet.

  53. Melodie LaCaille

    These are the most comfortable flip-flops I have ever bought. Good grip. I wear them everywhere. I’m going to get another pair quite soon.

  54. Renee

    These were initially hard but after a few wearing, the soles got squishy and became the most comfortable flip flops ever.

  55. Mrs. Fleming

    They are good if you are going grocery shopping or just for quick outdoor work.

  56. Mrs. Millar

    I am delighted with them! I can wear flip-flops all day…and my feet don’t hurt.

  57. Ms. Rangel

    I was actively searching for flip-flops with rubber soles and found this one quite comfortable.

  58. Kirsten

    I love these flip flops! They are so comfortable and give me the support I need! Thank you!

  59. Mrs. Gruenewald

    I am satisfied with the product and delivery time of the flip flops.

  60. Mrs. Borka

    These flip flops are soft and feel good on the bottom of my feet.

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