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Blossomy Women Flip Flops Slippers

(110 customer reviews)


  • Pink/Light BluePink/Light Blue
  • Pink/LimePink/Lime
  • Pink/NavyPink/Navy
  • SS
  • MM
  • LL
  • XLXL


Embrace your feminine side with these impeccable blossomy women pink flip flops. Invest your money wisely on flexible and delicate women flip flops slippers that will accompany you throughout the summers. Made in Thailand, the blossomy PK1-WM pink flip flops are known for their ability to support prolonged wear and water resistance. With an abstract leaves pattern on the flip flop straps, these sandals will find their permanent place in your heart and wardrobe.

The minuscule cellular pattern on the footbed enables heightened grip, which allows you to stroll around freely on the shore and poolside. The thick footbed of women flip flop slippers is also springy enough to return back to its initial shape after long hours of walking. Get blossomy or regret it, as these pink flip flops are this season’s number one!

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Strap Color

Pink/Light Blue, Pink/Lime, Pink/Navy


S, M, L, XL

110 reviews for Blossomy Women Flip Flops Slippers

  1. Solaine Gagné

    Very versatile!

  2. Lola Rees

    I love colors and spark in my collection that’s why these blossomy flip flops catch all my interest. These pink and navy duo look ravishing on my feet. Just simply love them. Excellent option.

  3. Amy Morris

    Soft and water friendly that I don’t have to worry to wear them near my poolside.

  4. Jessica Vincent

    Flexible and easy to carry. Look modish on feet.

  5. Florence C. Horrocks

    Got time for myself and finally ordered a pair of flipflops for me. These arrived in time even in this alarming situation of widespread virus. I am glad that I choose the right one. Stay Blessed `

  6. Ms. Jorja Harmer

    The little details on the straps of these flip flops are carrying away my heart, an extreme feminine combo for my dresses.

  7. Růžena Hniličková

    For the price, these flip flops are the best one to own not only for the picnics and pool parties but also for the works.

  8. Beatrice

    Using these flip flops since last year and the quality is great.

  9. Eve Twopeny

    So beautiful and colorful collection.

  10. Amber Heales

    So soft and so cute!

  11. Ms Shannon G

    Carry them near beach and it doesn’t come off like other flip flops, so impressed with the high quality rubber they used in the making with water-absorbing qualities.

  12. Cerys Nixon

    Comfortable for my feet, fashionable for my look, I rate these flip flops 5.

  13. Inger Filemonsen

    Flip flops of Huggoes are best than any other brand.

  14. Frances L. Martin

    These flip flops are wonderful to use.

  15. Radana Řiháčková

    It has been a year I am using these flip flops and they are great for the summer indoor and outdoor use.

  16. Sue J. Alvarez

    Exotic color combinations.

  17. Shirley E. Jhonson

    Wearing them around the pool can save you from slipping.

  18. Ava Luttrell

    Huggoes flip flops were never a trouble for my experience. Lots of love and thanks to the website.

  19. Donna A. Andrews

    My daughter loves it, her feet fit perfectly in them.

  20. Karoline. E

    I already have one color of it and now placing another order. Superb quality at such a low price.

  21. Mary D. Brunson

    Not bad for a few hours of walk.

  22. Makayla Le Couteur

    This color matches the spring season perfectly. I bought it last year. Quality is undeniably great.

  23. Huette Duclos

    Colorful, people with wide feet can buy them.

  24. Karen R. Scheer

    I am not wild about the color selection but this time I am loving all these exotic combinations. I have three of them in different colors. Perfect for my feet.

  25. Alena Klimešová

    The footbed is not so comfy but I can keep them for the domestic purpose.

  26. Leonie Kuhn

    I wish there was some stability in the sandals. I can’t wear them for long hours.

  27. Carolyn W. Peay

    Huggoes is always in my option list for a colorful summer pick.

  28. Franziska Hoover

    Spot on sizing but the soles are a little slippery.

  29. Sofie Lundblad

    Good traction control.

  30. Mary M. Hatcher

    Waterproof and flexible. I can keep them for my summer trips.

  31. Velma H. Williams

    My feet feel relaxed in open styles. No flip flops can be better than of huggoes.

  32. Sue R. Horn

    These are slip resistant, perfect to wear indoor where the whole house has tiled floor.

  33. Katharina Engel

    Love them for the quality and price.

  34. Maria J. Stoehr

    I always buy flip flops from here and these are perfeeeeecccttt for summer.

  35. Sarah Ginn

    Saves me from slipping on the wooden floor.

  36. Lola Watriama

    beautiful color and quality pairs.

  37. Anonymous

    This soft color combinations are most lovely in sight. Like these flip flops very much.

  38. Lola Newling

    The cool and cute colors are the favorite thing of this brand.

  39. Romana Vojáčková

    Not the favorite but not bad too.

  40. Dorene Lamontagne

    In house pairs cannot be much better than these.

  41. Isla McNeill

    These flexible flip flops are my favorite.

  42. Sandra W. Foster

    Absolutely satisfied with these comfy flip flops.

  43. Sophia Weissmuller

    I am not a flip flops lover but after trying these, my heart fall in love with them.

  44. Charlie Coleman

    It works well in summer. I have also placed another order and waiting for its arrival.

  45. Melissa Howarth

    It is not much supportive but not too bad to keep it for the indoor use.

  46. Juliane Broberg

    It’s amazing to tread in huggoes flip flops.

  47. Olivia Lambert

    I love these blossomy color and how it looks cute on my feet is adorable.

  48. Lilly Hicks

    Summer vacations is fun in these light and bright flip flops.

  49. Barbara S. Young

    I recently received my pairs of flip flops and it is great in quality.

  50. Hilda A. Huffman

    Happy shopping experience!!!

  51. Emma Jones

    I have marked them as the top quality flip flops.

  52. Naja Olsen

    Highly recommended for those who search for quality and comfort!!!

  53. Michelle Fleischer

    It matches with my cute pink frock, so I wear it with most of my similar colored dresses.

  54. Victoire

    Squishy soles and extra room for my foot makes it comfortable !

  55. Joy G.

    Happy to see huggoes again at my place. Yes!! This is my favorite brand and I never regret buying these top quality pairs.

  56. Johanne Lennert

    I can pack them easily for any adventure or any trip because they are flexible and easy to carry.

  57. Lucie Janoutová

    These hues match the summer theme of my dresses. I feel great, these are incredible!!

  58. Amalie Rosing

    I bought it for my mommy and she liked it a lottt!!

  59. Elsie A. Beil

    Favorite find of this season!!!

  60. Joan W. Foreman

    Anti-slip footbed!!

  61. Mrs. Anderson

    Definitely the best thing to wear in house..

  62. MArry

    Resilient and versatile collection.

  63. ADF

    I received it in a very good quality. Thank you for sending the right product.

  64. ML

    I challenge you to buy something better than these, you will fail!! These slippers are amazing to wear for gardening and pool parties.

  65. Mary G. Holmes

    Rubber flip flops are always good to maintain grip but don’t keep them in the sun, extreme heat can damage the product.

  66. SAM

    Love them for soft sole.

  67. Stephanie

    These flops should have some arch support for long hours of walking.

  68. Anonymous

    Flexible flip flops , perfect for water fun…

  69. Anonymous

    The sandals stained my feet in first two wearing but it was controlled afterwards.

  70. DG

    Quite flexible and soft, I wear them most of the time when it is summer.

  71. Freya Carroll

    Instant feel of relaxation is what huggoes offers. Highly recommended!!

  72. Mrs. Taylor

    Huggoes means a comfort walking experience!!

  73. Ms. Alesha

    It’s an all day comfort!

  74. Emma R. Waid

    Extremely well for the use!! Durable and not flimsy at all…

  75. Mandy Sommer

    Feminine color, its washable too.

  76. Ms. Emma

    I never slipped in them. Soft and cute.

  77. Mrs. Broadhurst

    They fit great and don’t slip out when I walk with fast steps in them.

  78. Dakota Gould

    Every time I wear them, the color looks super awesome. Its a perfect purchase.

  79. Fifine Faubert

    Pink and blue color looks great. It is easy to wear. Quality is nice.

  80. Coleen M. M

    Flip flops are very good in wearing!! I am amazed by the quality too.

  81. Taylah Burt

    I like these flip flops… got the right size and happy to had them on my feet.

  82. Alexandrie Monjeau

    The color combination of blossomy is unique. These flip flops are the best for the sea and poolside parties.

  83. Samantha Grieve

    Colorful and cute.

  84. Louise Frederiksen

    They look adorable with shorts and Capri. They are true to size.

  85. Savannah Lynravn

    It lacks orthotic support.. I liked the color but stepped back becasue of that.

  86. Jasmine Hawker

    Huggoes is the best thing that I have found for summer use.

  87. Ms. Molly

    It is good for beach days.

  88. Alva Hussein

    These are my daily wear flip-flops. Quality seems good to me.

  89. great to wear

    They are great to wear around the house and garden.

  90. Julie M. Lauritsen

    I did online shopping from Huggoes and they delivered quality product on time.

  91. Mrs. Poulin

    My whole family use the flip flops from huggoes. It is the perfect pair for all of them.

  92. Mrs. Ackermann

    I love all the color combination of these blossomy flip flops.

  93. Petra

    Flip flops of huggoes are the best pair to buy for casual trips.

  94. Gelske van

    I am so happy with my purchase.

  95. Magdalena

    I wear this flip flops for a long distance walk.

  96. Ms. Hana

    These are very comfy flip flops. It’s perfect for a beach vacation.

  97. Mrs. Ershova

    I bought this flip flops for my daughter and she liked them a lot.

  98. Susanna

    I like HUGGOES flip flops because of their spongy sole, you can walk in them on the streets without hurting your feet.

  99. Armi

    The straps are skin-friendly and look cute on my feet.

  100. Mrs. Lambert

    I love them so much. It is sturdy and beautiful. Easy to clean!

  101. Miranda Ferri

    These are comfortable, lightweight, and easy to carry flip flops.

  102. Loubna van

    I have wide feet and these fit better than I expected. I’m sad it lack proper support.

  103. Mrs. Soderberg

    These flip flops are very cute and so comfortable.

  104. Mrs. Mercure

    I love to buy from Huggoes. They are reliable to carry.

  105. Antje Wolf

    I was finding arch support in them but there was none 🙁 They are good in quality but only the support lacks here.

  106. Brunella

    The straps are soft and flexible.

  107. Linda E. Autry

    Best flip-flops I have ever owned. I would buy them in every color. They are very durable.

  108. Mrs. Stevenson

    I can’t stop checking this page again and again for fresh collections, Count me as your top customer, I have bought most of my flip flops from here.

  109. Cynthia C. Strub

    I’m a Huggoes fan and I would love to recommend it to others. Best for summers.

  110. Salay

    My feet are wide and chubby however these flip-flops were great in handling the weight of the body.

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