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Cosmic Women Flip Flops Slippers

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It is time to set aside the uncomfortable footwear and opt for Huggoes cosmic women flip flop slippers. Comfort never looked so good! Cosmic NV1-WM navy flipflops are the epitome of style and comfort. With its flexible footbed that has an elaborated outsole, these navy flip flops provide better traction and even better grip on your feet. The elasticity tested flip flop straps sit right next to your skin, making you feel secure.

These flip flop slippers are provided with an open exterior which allows air ventilation, ensuring that your feet remain dry for long hours. Trust the power of nature with cosmic womens flip flop. Allow your feet to have some fun whether it is on the rough ground or in the raging waves!

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Strap Color

Navy/Grey, Navy/Lime, Navy/Navy, Navy/Red


S, M, L, XL

63 reviews for Cosmic Women Flip Flops Slippers

  1. Bernadette Beaulac

    If talked about quality, these are best!!

  2. Barbara J. Mynatt

    I received the right size and color. Thank you!

  3. Katherine N.

    The straps are strongly attached to the sides of the sandals. Very good construction.

  4. Jessamine

    These flip flops held up great on my feet.

  5. Eva Dickinson

    I recommend my friend to buy these flip flops for herself as she likes mine too much. Huggoes keep producing such amazing slippers for us.

  6. Ernestine D. Burroughs

    Very fine and good in quality.

  7. Lilian McKelvey

    It feels good on my feet.

  8. Erin Wilson

    I bought them a couple of weeks ago and these pairs are just great.

  9. Isabela Correia Azevedo

    I was a bit tentative before buying them, but the quality has made my mind to shop again from here.

  10. Marie J. Mitchell

    I always wear them when I am gardening. These are my favorite flip flops.

  11. Leah Anna

    Flattering colors, summer faves.

  12. Daniela Kuester

    The most loveable thing about these pairs is that, they don’t get dirty quickly.

  13. Shirley P. Johnson

    Non-slippery and fits perfect to my foot.

  14. Victoria Flegg

    Order arrived safe and secure. I choose the right place

  15. Edwina R. Collado

    It is cute to wear but comfort is very limited.

  16. Birthe Christensen

    Resists me from slipping.

  17. Edna J. Toll

    Waterproof flip flops, great for Florida summer weather.

  18. Martha Heilmann

    I am looking forward for a beach plan and these flip flops will be in my feet for sure.

  19. Jensine Jensen

    Will be buying another pair for sure. Nice quality, perfect strap fit.

  20. Kathrin Vogler

    Loved the smooth texture of the footbed.

  21. Stacy S.

    Love the colors… Very attractive.

  22. Danielle Burrows

    These are perfect for casual beach and pools.

  23. Joy Therrien

    Keeps my feet pain free.

  24. Anonymous

    Color collection is very eye popping that I was in love with almost every pair.

  25. Isla Squires

    My best indoor wear, neither slip nor let me trip , very sturdy!

  26. Chloe Bruce

    The rubber material is of excellent quality. You can trust me once you own a pair of them, totally worth it.

  27. Milla Dobbie

    Classical collection, I almost found every desired shade here. Good work

  28. Isabel Knatchbull

    Looks cute when paired with knee-length skirts.

  29. Keira Barker

    The polygon texture of the sole feels very nice to my feet.

  30. Ella Tweddle

    I have 2 of these flip flops. Cutest pair I have ever had.

  31. Aiglentina Bordeaux

    Flip flops of huggoes are great.

  32. Laura Cremor

    I call them my instant style with jeans! So pretty to wear easy to go on.

  33. Desiree J. Barnett

    Flexible flip flops with a perfect fit.

  34. Phoebe Willshire

    My feet settle accurately in them. Very cute in looks.

  35. Diana H. Hunsicker

    I don’t feel much safe in them but still for the price and quality you can keep them.

  36. Leola R. Gaytan

    These flexible flip flops are my favorite.

  37. Barbara Hofmann

    My slender feet don’t look good in them. I had to return them but thankfully the return policy was good and I found no problem in returning the pair.

  38. Patricia T. Lach

    My only flip flops which I love to wear in hot days.

  39. Ms. Camille

    Waterproof!! YAYYY!! It’s so comfy!!

  40. Herta P. Thomas

    Soles have got the perfect grip that prevents me from slipping. Nice product!!

  41. Kelly J. Martinez

    Flip flops of huggoes is holiday friendly. I can wear them for beach adventures and can roam around freely.

  42. Sabrina Sankt

    I have good enough reasons to like these flip flops, no pain, no itching, my feet never blistered.

  43. Mackenzie Woodd

    Just loving the smooth sole and straps.

  44. Marcia B. Renfro

    I am shocked on seeing them minimizing my summer troubles for feet. Great thing to wear this season.

  45. Inger Berthelsen

    Water friendly flip flops perfect for beach fun.

  46. Marie J. McMorris

    It’s the best pair to use in house.

  47. Janina Kuster

    Sitting in full relaxation with these flip flops and beach view in the front is love!!

  48. Isabel Halfey

    Never trust on any other brand when such a reliable brand is still in existence. Love the flip flops.

  49. Ruby Cook

    Shop huggoes if you want to experience perfect summers! I loved them!!!

  50. Heike Eisenberg

    Fills my heart with pleasure every time I wear them.

  51. Charlene T. Arana

    Very good experience! Great quality products!!!

  52. Joanne R. Duarte

    These blue pairs are so fine looking that I just love wearing in summers!!!

  53. Francisca L. Wilkerson

    Received the right color, right size on time.

  54. Chiquita W. Carlisle

    The footpad is very comfortable and straps are attached firmly on the sides. For a relax walk, these are perfect!!

  55. Alexandra Southee

    I have got the subtle look and grippy walk with Huggoes flip flops!!!

  56. Dusty M. Walker

    It’s hard to maintain grip in them, may be the flat surface has lessen the grip.

  57. Eva Grant

    I have always got the best experience with Huggoes.

  58. Ann J.

    Matches my requirement!! Need nothing more when these are in my feet.

  59. Heather Walter

    So light in weight, feet are in real state of comfort.

  60. Georgia A. Golden

    My family members are also willing to have them and now I am placing order for 3 pairs. Good for the use!!

  61. Anonymous

    Extremely well to wear for the whole day.

  62. D. Lori

    Better to wear them than to stay barefoot. It is comfortable and helps to protect feet from cracks.

  63. Deanna KLP

    Walking on the wooden floor in these flip flops is just perfect feel for the feet. Highly recommended!!!

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