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Crimson Women Flip flops Slippers

(112 customer reviews)


  • Red/BlackRed/Black
  • Red/GreyRed/Grey
  • Red/LimeRed/Lime
  • Red/NavyRed/Navy
  • Red/RedRed/Red
  • SS
  • MM
  • LL
  • XLXL


Inspired from the high street brands, the Crimson RD1-WM red flip flop slippers are for the women who are bold and vigorous, when it comes to fashion. The classic all red color of these flip flop slippers is perfect for the days when you feel like grabbing all the attention. The round toe bar on womens flip flop slippers provides ample space for your toes to breathe and move around. The toe thong of flip flop straps is made with comfortable material which prevents your toes from rashes and other inconveniences.

These red flip flops are made while keeping the environmental needs in mind, which makes them ideally eco-friendly. Protect the quality of nature while looking uber chic and stylish. Huggoes branded flip flops straps are an extra addition which makes these red flip flops womens worth your money.

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Strap Color

Red/Black, Red/Grey, Red/Lime, Red/Navy, Red/Red


S, M, L, XL

112 reviews for Crimson Women Flip flops Slippers

  1. Lilly Wiedermann

    Comfortable, well-made and perfect fit!

  2. Ms. Sienna

    How could you ignore these flip flops when summers are here! I have few more pairs from other websites but these are on the top.

  3. Renée Vernadeau

    These are so cute to wear with my shorts and skirts.

  4. Jitka Bednářová

    The pair delivered on time. Nice quality!

  5. Karolin Ebersbacher

    I bought it for my daughter and she loved it!

  6. Nicole Hicks

    I am a huge fan of flip flops but these are my favorite from now. They delivered what they promised. 5/5

  7. Harriet P. Burney

    My feet love them. Thanks Huggoes.

  8. Laura Brinsmead

    The combination of red and green is the best of all…

  9. Abigail Ramsbotham

    A must have option for my closet, soft, flexible, trendy and cute.

  10. Ms. Jessica Kay

    My perfect beach escape this season is none other than these red flip flopsss!!!

  11. Nadine

    AMAZING for all the picnic plans and summer outings.

  12. Anestha

    What a smooth footbed. Just Love it..

  13. Nancy Partlow

    I got my order 2 weeks back and since then I can’t stop checking this page again and again for fresh collections, Count me as your top customers.

  14. Kristina Blažević

    How can I forget about these flip flops when I am out in summers! The best of all!!!

  15. Layla Fritzsche

    The sole is soft which is worth loving.

  16. Sherry C. Clark

    Soft and eye-catching tones of these slippers are just amazing, I carry them with any outfit and they just rocked !

  17. Merry D. Miller

    Huggoes have excellent colors flipflops and strappy sandals!

  18. Zara Busque

    Highly reasonable and very good in quality.

  19. Lynn J. Hockenberry

    I slipped them on and felt so happy to choose them.

  20. Luiza Sousa Correia

    No itching! You can wear them all day at beach side.

  21. Bethany Fiaschi

    The crimson color make them more charming to use and you can easily wash them with water and soap.

  22. Anonymous

    I have kept them many times whenever I head off to any picnic or any trip. They are easy to carry and doesn’t feel like you have something in your bag.

  23. Grace

    Huggoes is my first option to buy durable flip flops.

  24. Kate

    I am sure these will stand durable for years.

  25. Diane W. Diamond

    I wish I could have ordered them all, so beautiful and trendy for my feet.

  26. Pauline Rosing

    Fits amazingly perfect. Never hurting!!!

  27. Carolyn G. Johnson

    The natural rubber and cute color propelled me to buy them. I liked it a lot.

  28. Katrine Sørensen

    Perfect pair for easy summer fun.

  29. Ms.Ella Marsh

    What a brilliant rubber-material flipflops! It gives a safer walking near the poolside or beaches.

  30. Victoria Harding

    Can wear them inside the house, this is the best thing about these casual slip-ons.

  31. Georgina Johnson

    Will give 4 stars, just a little more firmness required near thong straps.

  32. Maryse Saucier

    I don’t lose balance in them. Love the colorful flip flops.

  33. Samantha Jowett

    The feel is pain free and that’s why I wear these flip flops a lot.

  34. Miloslava Korcová

    Flip flops of Huggoes and holidays of summers is a perfect combo!!!

  35. Jasmine Pollard

    Love the entire collection and of course the bright colors.

  36. Mrs. Webner Harway

    They are so refreshing for summers, it’s hard to pick one

  37. Jenny G. Kames

    All tones , all shades are commendable for casual outfits. I choose the bright red shade. Looks flawless!!!

  38. Selena Couvlin

    Indoor and outdoor essentials, very soft for feet

  39. Karoline Kristiansen

    These lightweight flip flops are the best.

  40. Anonymous

    Love all the exotic color combinations.

  41. Jade Ross

    Fantastic slippers, can’t wait to go out on long excursions with them…

  42. Juana J. Ferraro

    I wore them to a beach side and they just rocked!! I was in total comfort the whole day.

  43. Mandy Glockner

    These sandals create no load on my feet.

  44. Meghan H. King

    No blisters or sore feet. That’s what I love about them.

  45. Louise Johansen

    Comfortable but a bit slippery.

  46. Audrey Vogel

    Flipflops make fashion easier with the minimalistic creation in best colors.

  47. Alaine Thériault

    I have placed my order here and waiting for its arrival. So excited to wear them this summer.

  48. Charlotte Simmons

    Excellent firm construction of the flip flops make it everyone’s favorite, including me.

  49. Shannon Franklin

    It’s been two months , I got two flipflops from here and both are in good condition after wearing for a long time


    I can walk near pool in them…

  51. Grace Rickards

    For wearing them in house, these are great.

  52. Mariem Hagemans

    I have no worries about summer, it’s just because of huggoes!!

  53. Alicia Graham

    These flexing flip flops are cutest so far.

  54. Amalie

    I bought these for my granddaughter and she really enjoys wearing these flip flops for casual walks.

  55. Anna Josefsen

    The best flops I have ever used.

  56. Emilie Andersen

    So lightweight!! It’s a summer solution.

  57. Christine Kortig

    Are they comfortable? Yes!! It’s perfectly great in wearing.

  58. Katie Barwell

    True to size. I got them on time.

  59. Christine Wirtz

    I walked a lot in them and got no pain. That’s why I love huggoes.

  60. Gabriella Alston

    It has all the good features except of the arch support. It starts to hurt after walking for five hours.

  61. Judithe Rasmussen

    Not good for long hours of walking and not bad to use them as shower slippers.

  62. Marie Nielsen

    They have made my summers better. I love them for being so lightweight and comfy.

  63. Barbara R. Lang

    Comfy and cute.

  64. Kristine Josefsen

    It feels good to wear in summer!

  65. Lilly Weston

    Red sole with black strap makes my favorite combination together.

  66. Inger Fleischer

    Just ok if you do not have to walk for long hours.

  67. Morana Vidaković

    Red is my favorite and thus these sandals too.

  68. Sara Brandt

    Love these super cute pairs that gives a natural feel to my feet.

  69. Anonymous

    Crimson is my favorite pick of this summer. Let’s see how long it will accompany my feet.

  70. Anna Lamilami

    Soft and lovely!!

  71. Sophie

    Fine price, fine quality…

  72. Isabella Wendt

    The blue and red color combination matched the best with my outfit and I wore them so comfortably.

  73. Sandra A. Williams

    Red forms a lovely combination with most of my dresses, so I wear them most of the time.

  74. Marina

    Cute Crimson Color, looks good, feel good!!


    For in house use, you couldn’t find anything perfect than these.

  76. LMMV

    Definitely going to buy one more pair after experiencing the best quality and comfort.

  77. ED655

    Served my feet quite well, lightweight and easy to carry.

  78. Anonymous

    Breathable sole that helps feet to stay odor-free.

  79. Heather J. Mack

    Color looks super adorable on my feet.

  80. Matilda Agnew

    Appealing colors, fills my heart with love every time I wear them…

  81. Erin. AA

    Red color looks the best and these flip flops too 🙂

  82. Karen

    So excited to wear them again in the next summers!

  83. Chelsea Ann

    Flip flops are great !! Durable for use…

  84. Mrs. WP

    Well, I am not super impressed by the purchase… It doesn’t have enough support for my feet…

  85. Jade Krischock

    OH Huggoes!! you have the best range of colors. I love the shade of this flop a lottt and when I wear them people admire my feet. This is a perfect purchase to go for beaches and pool fun.

  86. Claudia

    Slip-resistant sole. Got no issues.

  87. Madison Adamson

    I didn’t expect much from them because it was inexpensive for me. These are great for the rough use.

  88. Piper Thring

    The footbed is soft and light weight. I really like the sole.

  89. Jasmine Shirlow

    Its a summer blessing seriouslyy. I wore it last year and will buy one more for sure.

  90. Anonymous

    One of the best purchase I have ever made!! I never slipped in them.

  91. Marina Engel

    Red and grey color looks different. The straps are nice in quality. I wore them at the beach and it is slip resistant.

  92. Anonymous

    I don’t feel grip in the soles. My foot slips out of it but a person with wide feet can fit in them perfectly.

  93. Anne Meister

    I decided to try few flip flops from huggoes and it was really very well in quality and comfort both.

  94. MK

    Lightweight and lovely!! My “go-to” flip-flops for summers.

  95. Taylah HH

    Sturdy sole that doesn’t let my feet lose the grip.

  96. Mrs. Wannemaker

    I am sure these flip flops are going to last for long time. I have felt them great on my feet.

  97. GFD

    Favorite flip flops for summer..

  98. ULO

    It’s a perfect beachwear.

  99. Mrs. Chicoine

    I tried them at Water Park and enjoyed wearing them.

  100. Mrs. Frueh

    It is perfect to cover a short distance walk.

  101. Skye Renes

    I bought a pair of flip flops from huggoes and found the sole quite soft.

  102. Mrs. Perunka

    These flip flops are a bit slippery and sometimes lose my balance walking in them. However, the rubber quality is perfect and will definitely last long.

  103. Adelfina Trentino

    This flip flop is incredibly comfortable and looks great with shorts and jeans. I love them and planning to buy another pair for domestic use.

  104. Dara Kramer

    Flip flops are so comfortable, the best I’ve ever had!! highly recommended, great product.

  105. Kinga

    These are great for boardwalks and street strolling.

  106. Medina

    They have a little cushion and seem pretty comfortable. They will be perfect for this summer.

  107. Mrs. Riviere

    Perfect essentials for summer.

  108. Christabel

    Love Huggoes, but this is my first time trying their flip-flops and I am a huge fan now!

  109. Mattie J.

    Summer flip-flops can’t be better than these. Thick soles are shock-resistant too.

  110. Rios

    It is very pretty and well made.

  111. Mrs. Waters

    It saves me from sudden slipping and provides long-lasting comfort.

  112. Szekely

    The thick soles of these flip flops are well-made and soft.

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