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Dusky Women Flip Flops Slippers

(32 customer reviews)


  • Brown/beige
  • Brown/Black
  • Brown/Brown
  • Brown/Orange
  • Brown/Pink
  • Brown/Purple
  • Brown/Turquoise
  • Brown/Yellow
  • SS
  • MM
  • LL
  • XLXL


We, at Huggoes, are revamping the footwear trends in the form of Dusky BR1-WM brown flip flops. The soft feel of flip flop straps against the skin is responsible for irritation-free walking experience, whereas the footbed provides high traction and improved gait. The eco-friendly flip flop slippers are the real game-changer for this summer season.

These womens brown flip flops are now available in fun colors that will absolutely blow your mind away. Run around without a care as the abrasion-resistant feature of these flip flop slippers will make sure that your feet don’t get hurt due to long hours of walking. The natural rubber absorbs the shock and has a deep impact on your daily chores that require you to be active. Trust these sandals to renew your style statements.

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Strap Color

Brown/beige, Brown/Black, Brown/Brown, Brown/Lime, Brown/Orange, Brown/Pink, Brown/Purple, Brown/Turquoise, Brown/Yellow


S, M, L, XL

32 reviews for Dusky Women Flip Flops Slippers

  1. Karin Baecker

    Its rubber is very good in quality and I can wash them for thousands time without destroying the color and product.

  2. Laureen G. Hughes

    I love its light color and can wear them all day!

  3. Georgina Adam

    These are perfect for all beach plans.

  4. Leonie Beyer

    Durable and comfortable.

  5. Lily Canning

    Rubber quality is admirable. I have never seen any fault in the product whenever I bought them.

  6. Danielle C. Smith

    Received the perfect size!

  7. Christine Traugott

    Delivery of the pair was on time. Great service, awesome quality.

  8. Mackenzie Jury

    Great for beach parties.

  9. Amy J. Wood

    5 stars.These sandals look like miracle on my feet!!!

  10. Jean Ramos

    I will buy more from this collection.

  11. Jeanne R. Humphrey

    These are beautiful and easy to carry that I almost spend my entire day wearing thongs without trouble.

  12. Rosa M. Muller

    Beach days sorted with my casual walking partners. I love flip-flops

  13. Dell Waters

    Excellent collection

  14. Constance S. Sherwood

    Enhance my manicured feet beautifully!!!

  15. Vicki Hill

    Flexible and water friendly, the structure is so smooth for my feet.

  16. Lucinda Locke

    Colors that made my mood enlightened. So difficult to pick one from many…

  17. Maya Cottrell

    Don’t let me slip in water, hold the ground even slippery terrains too.
    Just a little sized up for my feet

  18. Paige Banks

    Enough flexibility for my feet, and amazing rubber texture. Wonderful Shopping Experience

  19. Lola Ransford

    Can’t get over my slippers, they are just way too perfect.

  20. Alice Alves Silva

    Soft material that never cut my toes when I walk or stroll in them.

  21. Mackenzie Moyes

    I wish they had more water sandals with closed toes. By the way, nice flip flops, I got one for myself.

  22. Ms.Alyssa Onslow

    Too pretty looking colors with amazing
    softness and flexibility.

  23. Taylah Fauchery

    Perfect beach flipflops. I’m waiting for the end of this pandemic situation, will certainly go on beach trips with my favorite flipflops onnn!

  24. Evie Hanlon

    Too feasible to use in summers.

  25. Edna T. Terrell

    I bought them for a picnic last year and since then I have used it for all the watery plans. Great quality, love Huggoes.

  26. Lydia Chapman

    These sandals look like miracle on my feet! I am highly satisfied.

  27. Molly Owens

    These flip flops are just a simple way to maximize your summer fun because they don’t hurt at all.

  28. Isabelle Rous

    Wow ! Totally in love with these exciting flipflops color collection. Huggoes has saved my quests..

  29. Anne G. Roy

    My favorite flip flops brand.

  30. Ute Diederich

    Oh these colorful flip flops are my new favorites. My wide feet look so fine in them.

  31. Lara Barnes

    The dark shade of the flip flops gives a very nice look. It has a good combination of colors.

  32. Anonymous

    Anti-slip flip flops that gives a feel of assurance against tripping while I walk.

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