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Ebony Women Flip Flops Slippers

(98 customer reviews)


  • Black/BlackBlack/Black
  • Black/BrownBlack/Brown
  • Black/LimeBlack/Lime
  • Black/NavyBlack/Navy
  • Black/PinkBlack/Pink
  • Black/PurpleBlack/Purple
  • Black/RedBlack/Red
  • SS
  • MM
  • LL
  • XLXL


Nothing beats a classic black footbed. Get these flip flop slippers to amplify your summer vacations in the most chic way. These BK1-WM black flip flops have a sturdy yet cushy footbed that is available in classic black color. The footbed has a very subtle pattern that helps in maintaining a firm grip on the sole, whereas the soft straps are stretchable. The flip flop straps are also provided with a branded Huggoes logo that will add to your sophisticated and fancy persona.

The fun flip flop straps will take your fashion game up a notch. Get these light in weight womens flip flops that are developed while keeping the necessary needs of a foot in mind. Show your feet some love and look stylish while making sure you are comfortable and at ease with these womens black flip flops.

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Strap Color

Black/Black, Black/Brown, Black/Lime, Black/Navy, Black/Pink, Black/Purple, Black/Red


S, M, L, XL

98 reviews for Ebony Women Flip Flops Slippers

  1. Sherri D. Armstrong

    Its rubber is very nice in quality!

  2. Karin Freud

    These are my after shower shoe.

  3. Agnes J. Davis

    Favorite and most worn flip flops in the house!

  4. Cheraine Oortwijn

    I like the color straps of the flip flops!

  5. Kateřina Vrzalová

    They don’t hurt but if you will wear it for a long time then definitely it can cause pain.

  6. Virginia

    These flip flops lack the orthotic support but overall these are great!

  7. Bethany A. Duran

    For the summer fun, make sure you have these amazing and colorful flip flops.

  8. Wilma N. Collins

    I tried this brand only for once and never changed them again. Whenever it’s about flip flops, I consider this website for the purchase.

  9. Catherine B. Whatley

    I love the bright colors of huggoes flip flops.

  10. Mrs. Sanderson

    I am loving these flip flops by Huggoes . They make nice footwear.

  11. Dorothy R.Hill

    Totally worth the price, so soft and trendy.

  12. Leah Cockburn

    These flip flops are surprisingly light, comfortable, and durable.It is perfect for everyone who loves fashionable and stylish options for them.

  13. Makayla Raws

    My feet don’t get slippery at all, can wear them in water and outside , plus lounge around in them without trouble. These are worn anywhere kind of flip flops.

  14. Ebony Cubadgee

    Lightweight and waterproof. (Y)

  15. Renée Dennis

    The cheapest yet the best pair of flip flops.

  16. Jorja Marin

    I got my parcel on time. Superb service and nice slippers.

  17. Mary

    Best flip-flops spot…I have bought.

  18. Eliza Goll

    Beautiful flip-flops on my beautiful feet,

  19. Deanna J. Cade

    It feels like you have not worn something in your feet after wearing them. So lightweight.

  20. Alice Newton

    5 stars for colorful designs and for high quality rubber used in them.

  21. Susanne Biermann

    Get yourself a pair of flip flops because they are really amazing.

  22. Melissa Williamson

    Flip flops have always been a trouble for my foot but not these. My friend brought it for me and after using them I realize how cute and comfy they were. I am surely going to try more from here.

  23. Maddison Johnston

    Flipflops arrived safe and early

  24. Margaret A. H

    I am going to return them because the flat surfaced footbed is not suitable for my high arched feet.

  25. Julie T. Velez

    Couldn’t get something more soft and cute than these.

  26. Mrs. Freddie

    I love the black sole of the flip flops.

  27. Shannon Perkins

    I am shocked that how they are so comfortable on my narrow feet. Well, I have to say, wear them in hot days because it is the easiest yet the comfiest thing to keep your feet going for long distances.

  28. Eva Lundblad

    I thought to give them a try, I am happy that I explored it.

  29. Sarah B. Carrell

    Flip flops are always a summer pair and these have become my favorite.

  30. Judy W. Baugher

    Cuteness is on point. It may hurt your feet after few hours of walking but you will find them best for indoor purpose.

  31. Jacqueline B. Lowe

    It is perfect to walk on the tiled floor.

  32. Kristin Meister

    My after swim pairs.

  33. Marcella J. Sizer

    These flip flops aren’t heavy. That’s what my feet have always want.

  34. Rose Andrews

    I don’t feel wearing anything beneath my feet, how light these flip flops are!!

  35. Ms. Catherine

    Best summertime footwear.

  36. Sarah Blakeney

    I always wear something with lightweight and these flip flops are best for the summer exposure.

  37. Stéphanie Desjardins

    I found my friend wearing these flip flops and she was looking very comfortable in them. Immediately I placed my order and got it on time. These are very good for the indoor purpose.

  38. Ellie Snodgrass

    The sole of the flip flops is very comfortable for walking purpose.

  39. Gemma Badcoe

    The moment I wore these flip-flops, I realized how breathable the structure of these slip ons, I would love to carry them anywhere freely

  40. Kate Tucker

    Sturdy, and skin friendly !

  41. Kristi M. Dillon

    I spend my summer days in peace just because of HUGGOES!

  42. Ann P. Janssen

    i love that how easy it is to carry them. I can easily put them in my compact bag and take them to any trip. Lovelyyy.

  43. Emma Roach

    Flip flops are best for the summer season especially when your feet want to stay in touch with the breezy atmosphere.

  44. Kathrin Furst

    Straps become uncomfortable sometimes. I wish there wasn’t any issue, I would definitely have rated them five.

  45. Patricia D. Turner

    I tested these flip flops a lot and they were fantastic.

  46. Helene Lundblad

    They look subtle and sweet on my feet.

  47. Monika Dietrich

    Black sole and red strap, the ideal color combo!!

  48. Birgit Hertz

    Its thick sole is love. I am feeling great for the purchase!!

  49. Jensine Zeeb

    Summer outings especially the beach parties are the real fun because these cute flip flops keep my feet pain-free the entire day and that’s what makes me go anywhere without any fear!!

  50. Trinette Meilleur

    The available range of colors has something attractive that gives a unique look to my feet.

  51. Leslie C. Paradis

    The best thing is its lovely footbed that gives 100% comfort to my feet.

  52. Alica Sloane

    The rubber sole gets hot so quickly if you have placed it in the sun.

  53. Coleen S. Arnett

    This jet black color looks classy even on the flip flops and the strap color combination makes it super fine to wear in a bright sunny day…

  54. LOI

    Definitely going to recommend these to my friends!! 5 star product!!!

  55. Lucy Erskine

    Comfortable to walk all day long.

  56. Ms. Claudia

    These flip flops have created ease for my countless steps!!

  57. Dorothy S. Wolff

    Flip flops is never the best option for my foot but it has some difference!! I wear them and end up lying on my bed without any foot pain. This amazed me and I bought two more pairs for my mom and sister. They both are happy with the pick too…

  58. Evie Wieck

    Giving it five stars for its frictional effort for keeping me safe from slipping.

  59. Michele JJJ

    I almost wear them everyday in summer, huggoes is always in my list when it comes to upgrading the shoe-closet.

  60. Phoebe Rowley

    Black color goes with almost everything. I use them either for casual use or for a day at lake or beach.

  61. Mrs. B

    It must induce some support in the footbed.

  62. Leah Mueller

    I am glad I discovered these. Its chic black color looks the best of all. Very good quality and arrived on time!!

  63. UU

    Rubber straps are soft, doesn’t hurt my toes and feet.

  64. Ana W.

    Quick to wear, hassle-free walking experience.

  65. Madeline

    I would suggest you to be highly cautious while you select your size. These aren’t a bad option to wear in summertime picnics and pool fun.

  66. Aiglentina Guilmette

    All colors are nice. I wear these pairs for indoor use. The flip flop is so light.

  67. Delois R. A

    It’s a summer shoe. I always wear them for grocery shopping and it’s great for the purpose…

  68. Louise Briard

    These flip flops are the best quality. It is flexible. These sandals for summer.

  69. T.L

    Tried it for the first time and it was lit in quality. Great for the daily use…

  70. Ms.Albertina

    I wear these slippers in my home and it is non slippery. Superb collection.

  71. Martha Brandt

    These flip flops are comfortable for me. I wear this all around my house and in the yard.

  72. IUL

    These flip flops stay on my feet quite well. Got the right size and fits perfectly.

  73. Amelie Dunstan

    Non-slippery sole that saves me from tripping.

  74. Hannah J.

    I didn’t sprain in them. Very nice in every aspect.

  75. Sille B. Knudsen

    I have two pairs of huggoes that ran for years so I can rate them five for its durability.

  76. Mrs. Bérard

    Huggoes have amazing flip flops collection. Very nice in every aspect.

  77. Sofia

    The rubber quality feels very nice and it will run for long time.

  78. Mrs. Schmitt

    I ordered these flip flops online and they delivered a quality product on time.

  79. Mrs. Kok

    These flip flops have caught all my interest. Going to buy a few more because of their quality, color, and comfort…

  80. Ms. Inas

    This flip flops are very bright for my summer outfits.

  81. Stephany J.

    High-quality rubber. I used to wear them at the beach and will wear them again this summer.

  82. Tereza

    Ideal to wear on a cruise. It is lovely and perfect in size.

  83. Mrs. Tokareva

    Durable sole and waterproof construction…

  84. Elisabeth

    Every summer these flip flops from huggoes is the only pair I wear to enjoy my picnic.

  85. Ms. Slainie

    Just bought two new pairs of flip-flops from huggoes for spring and summer and both are soft and comfy.

  86. Mrs. Kappel

    I mainly like them because they offer great at a highly affordable price compared to my favorite flip flop brand…

  87. Alfa Albertsdottir

    They hold up well. When I’m off to the lake and boating all summer, they become my top pick since the quality remains the same even if it gets constantly wet.

  88. Greta

    These flip flops are perfect for the months of summer either at the lake or wear with shorts and tops to rock at the seaside. Its black color goes with almost everything.

  89. Teska

    Great fitting, simple flip-flops for my feet.

  90. Mrs. Marsh

    I like to collect all the different colors which are available to go with all my clothes! I can wear them all day and my feet do not hurt.

  91. Jessica

    I was really looking for versatile flip-flops that felt soft and comfortable while I walk. These are just on point. Love it <3

  92. Josephine

    So smooth footbed has become the love of my feet.

  93. Ute Dietrich

    It’s a hundred times better to shop from here than to go to the market and waste time searching for the right one. Colorful collection, totally perfect to create the summer vibes.

  94. Mrs. Lyberth

    How could you ignore these flip-flops when summers are here! These are perfect. Highly Recommended!

  95. Judithe

    The flip flop is cushy, with excellent grip..

  96. Ms. Honey

    This flip flop is soft, flexible, and looks cute on my feet. No doubt its a summer season must-have.

  97. Mrs. Christofferse

    The memory foam soles feel nice after being on concrete for 8+ hours. Nice one!!

  98. Vezire

    I think I found my new favorite flip-flops. Great to add to the summer wardrobe.

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