Eclipse Off White Women Strappy Sandals

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Eclipse Off White Women Strappy Sandals

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  • Off White/Light PinkOff White/Light Pink
  • Off White/WhiteOff White/White
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Eclipse Off White Women Strappy Sandals

Our Eclipse off white women strappy sandals enfolds feet with the perfection of comfort. The footbed of Eclipse 09E906-WM off white sole is fortified by numerous bulging dots that prevent feet to slip out of it. The plush upper of these strap sandals women ensure the high quality and premium comfort. Womens strappy sandals constructive design enables your feet to ramble in all directions without any twists and turns. The extravagant rubber of womens white strappy sandals on the sole tends to provide stability and support that concedes the proper alignment of the foot. The plain white sole will surely add a classy opulence even to your beach look. Feel pure and fresh with the clean and tidy vibe of these sandals. The quick-drying eclipse sandals are here to complete your summer style. These cute strappy sandals will give a notable look if paired with casual outfits.

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Strap Color

Off White/Light Pink, Off White/White


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22 reviews for Eclipse Off White Women Strappy Sandals

  1. Marie Gervais

    Its rubber is durable! Love these strappy sandals!

  2. Pauline F. Cooper

    Love the color range and very cute looking.

  3. Fianne Kuyper

    I don’t slip! I like the grip.

  4. Eva Jorga

    What a beautiful collection Huggoes !

  5. Tim Caron

    I bought for my wife, she enjoyed the flexibility & smoothness by walking in them.

  6. Evie Dettmann

    Warm colors look pretty in hotter days of the year and these dual strap sandals has everything I want for my summer travel traps.

  7. Georgia Krome

    Lovely strap style sandals with original rubber, I cannot imagine such comfort at this price.

  8. Gabrielle Macnamara

    I love the pink color sandal. The sole is not slippery. The grip I like the most.

  9. Hannah Palmer

    Attractive collection of huggoes. I bought these sandal for my aunt and she is so happy to wear it because it is so smooth and comfortable.

  10. Meier Erika

    Lovely color combination. These strappy sandals are perfect for my feet. It is the best for my casual wear. Water resistant material.

  11. Sofia Marchesi

    I bought two pairs of eclipse in different colors. Absolutely fine in quality. Straps are so soft.

  12. Ms. Maja

    I bought two pairs from huggoes. Comfort is incredible and totally fine in quality.

  13. Mrs. Mikkelsen

    I am a regular buyer of huggoes because of its quality.

  14. Ms. Mandy

    The quality and flexibility both are making these flip flops the best. It is going to be my first choice for the next seaside picnic.

  15. Stefanie

    They look pretty with my casual outfits.

  16. Cunha

    It doesn’t get slippery and never hurt my feet.

  17. Mrs. Arnoux

    My sister loved it and her feet fit perfectly in these slippers.

  18. Mrs. Deniger

    It looks superb on my pedicured feet.

  19. Mrs. Hrabalová

    This color gets dirty very quickly but cleaning them is super easy.

  20. Mimmi

    Saves from slipping…

  21. Melanie

    I like strappy sandals because they are very soft and comfortable from day one.

  22. Elinbjorg

    Got the wrong color otherwise, I would have rated them a full five.

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