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Flambe Women Flip flops Slippers

(104 customer reviews)


  • Yellow/OrangeYellow/Orange
  • Yellow/RedYellow/Red
  • SS
  • MM
  • LL
  • XLXL


Sunbathes have never been as much fun! The yellow flip flops womens Flambe will bring you back into the summer vibe with their fun color contrasts. Say hello to the summer sun in these flip flop slippers and dive into the pool. The cushy rubber footbed will not only make you feel comfortable, but the fun yellow flip flops footbed will amplify your mood.

The uber eco-friendly, spacious, and open structured Flambe YL1-WM yellow flip flops are the number one choice of practical women. If you are someone who prefers health and hygiene over shallow fashion, then these women flip flops slippers are your best option. This footwear succeeds to maintain a perfect balance between fashion and comfort, which will make your summer fun better than ever! The embossed Huggoes logo on the flip flop straps will add a unique touch to your OOTD.

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Strap Color

Yellow/Orange, Yellow/Red


S, M, L, XL

104 reviews for Flambe Women Flip flops Slippers

  1. Dorette Huisman

    These honey bee type color is my favorite! I love wearing them!

  2. Jana Škorpíková

    The fit is very good and I love the soft soles.

  3. Twila J. Jeffords

    Totally loving these yellow flip flops on my feet. My beach excursions are all set in them!

  4. Lilly Richardson

    Very flexible and so light.I bought them for my casual works and it turned out so soft that I carry them in the house all day long!

  5. Luci

    Soft and so colorful…Love em’!!

  6. Mr. Kyle Page

    I bought both the colors; one for my wife and one for my sister and they both are happy with them. Excellent colors just like picture perfect!


  7. Lily Bailey

    The thong straps don’t cut my toe so I wear them every day as my in house slippers.

  8. Anna Youl

    Wish more strap colors in these yellow flip flops.

  9. Oldřiška Skálová

    So simple and so cute!

  10. Hansine Egede

    The slippers are made of superior quality. One year has passed and still these sandals are good to use.

  11. Indiana Goudie

    I wish they had flip-flops for kids also, my little one loved my flipflops and roam around the house in them all day

  12. Luisa N. Bryant

    Easy to carry and fashionable slippers for my feet.
    5 Stars for picture perfection, exact color as shown in picture.

  13. Keira Vroland

    The two color fusion has my heart, boost my dressing games even stronger!

  14. Lara Hoover

    I do my house chores in them!!! Fantastic quality, soft, flexible.

  15. Marie

    The sole is a thick rubber which makes it more stable for the use.

  16. Lilian

    Oh! These are my favorite flip flops everrrr!!!

  17. Anna R. Alexander

    Beautifully designed flipflops, must have. I have 3 pairs .

  18. Susan T. Hock

    Extremely spongy and supports feet skin

  19. Paige Doorly

    Straps colors with combination enhance overall look more brightly

  20. Eve Faithful

    Can walk in them all day without trouble….

  21. Rose Floyd

    Wonderful flipflops collection huggoes!

  22. Abigail Smythe

    My wardrobe was missing some funk and colors, so I bought two flip flops from huggoes in different colors. One is in pink and the other is in yellow. Both are now my routine wear.

  23. Ms.Elizabeth Buendia

    I packed them in my bag for beach trips and it’s a wise decision. WOAH, WATER-FRIENDLY!

  24. Diana Bumgarner

    It has summery looks which I love the most.

  25. Anonymous

    Extremely comfortable for tired feet.

  26. Eva Phillips

    I am happy I paid the price for these amazing flip flops.

  27. Emmeline Michel

    Lightweight and you can expect using them for years without any damage.

  28. Lily Gibbs

    I prefer this brand over others because their slippers are way better in quality than other average flip flops.

  29. Mary E. Shaner

    It maintains nice friction when I walk on my tiled floor.

  30. Michelle M. Lara

    Order arrived safely. I’m happy.

  31. Chelsea M. McCarty

    They delivered what they promised. Superb quality flipflops

  32. Heather R. Kim

    Online shopping is the best option to spend these days, but for that authentication plays a role and this is the best online flipflops place for shopping. TRUSTWORTHY..

  33. Shannon P. Gruber

    COLOOORRRSSS!!! Feels like these cute pairs are going to make my summers brighter.

  34. Mr. Sean

    I bought them for my wife. She loved the color.

  35. Sofia Atkins

    I ordered 2 pairs, one in pink and other in yellow.

  36. Amy Read

    So soft and extremely comfortable for the feet.

  37. Georgina Richardson

    I am liking these slippers more than other flats, their rubber structured sole and straps provide comfort to my feet…

  38. Ms. Shannon Freeman

    Brilliant service. Got my order on time.

  39. Rosie Coates

    Waiting for buy one get one offer, already bought 4 sandals from Huggoes

  40. Julia Baader

    Bright yellow footbed and red strap is very eye catching. Lov’em!!!

  41. Becky J. Mattocks

    Better than many flip flops,must buy

  42. Roberta Chappell

    Wear inside the house all day too comfortable and relaxing for my toes heel and skin

  43. Lauren Carr

    Arrived very fast. Summer refreshing colors and thick sole flip flops work best for me.

  44. Ana M. Nardi

    I have got a size bigger which doesn’t look good on my feet, but still these are wearable.

  45. Diana Lučić

    These flip flops give a perfect summer vibes. Perfect for hot days.

  46. Ava Pritchard

    comfy and supportive with perfect design. Will shop again.

  47. Lily Andrews

    Bright colors are so attractive; I am amazed with these flipflops

  48. France Chesnay

    It is the best flip flops to wear in hot weather.

  49. Skye Singh

    Love the quality of the footwear. It just suits my skin feet without harming or giving any rashes.

  50. Rose T. Patterson

    Summers best choice flipflops I can say, one can have alot of color options to select, I pick yellow because that’s my shade 😉

  51. Monica Hagan

    Perfect beach wear rubber sandals.

  52. Olga F. Rogers

    My order arrived safely and since then they are hugging my feet. So comfortable yet easy to carry.

  53. XYZ

    Tried huggoes for the first time, nice experience.

  54. Mackenzie Brewer

    Very pretty flipflops collection online !!!

  55. Anonymous

    For daily use,, you will find them good.

  56. Ms. Laurette

    For better summer days, these lightweight flip flops are not a bad option I guess.

  57. Christina Glockner

    These are my garden sandals.

  58. Stephanie Boehm

    Totally fine textured!!

  59. Heather J. Ashmore

    Didn’t receive the right color, I love them though.

  60. Theresa E. Jones

    It beholds my feet very nicely!!

  61. Marie J. Harding

    I wear them daily!! Saves my feet from unexpected blistering.

  62. Chelsea Rowland

    A good purchase without any disappointment.

  63. Marlene D. Hernandez

    Worth the buck and are my new summer favorite.

  64. Helen G. Smith

    This sunny bright color looks perfect on my foot!

  65. Antje Engel

    Worth every penny! Best thing for daily wear!

  66. Charline Cliche

    Super happy with the purchase! Now summers have got the real chill :p

  67. Eglantine Audibert

    Fine product!!! I have spent my money on the right one…

  68. Linda T. Asher

    Versatile!! We will soon plan a picnic and I am going to wear them there for sure.

  69. Anonymous

    It becomes slippery on the tiled floor so I usually use it in the garden work…

  70. Abigail Morley

    Huggoes flip flops are good in quality but sometimes I lose my balance while walking.

  71. Anonymous

    I always wear them when we (family) plan for boating. Its perfect to go there wearing them!!

  72. Mary V. Rowles

    Have already placed my order, waiting for it anxiously!!

  73. VFDE

    My daily wear is way more better than any other flip flops.

  74. Kelseyyy

    Slip-resistant sole that helps me in walking on the smooth paths.

  75. Mrs. Walter

    The softness of its rubber makes it the best thing to wear in summer season.

  76. Anonymous

    I lose my balance while walking, you must introduce flip flops with arch support!

  77. JY

    This bright and bold, yellow colored sandals are a perfect escape for summer.

  78. AWRR

    I don’t worry to stand for long when these flip flops are under my feet.

  79. Grace D. Richards

    Its bright sunny color is my favorite and makes it prominent among others.

  80. Renee

    Favorite footwear for harsh summer season.

  81. Shannon M. Godinez

    Not slippery at all…

  82. Stephanie Brunker

    These flip flops are much more comfortable and attractive. It is the best combination of colorful slippers.

  83. Piera Sagese

    These slippers are made from the top quality material. Affordable in price.

  84. JHMM

    Yayayyyy! I am super happy with this purchase… Huggoes you rock this time!!

  85. DD

    Natural rubber that is so filled with extra softness and helps my feet move in peace.

  86. Ms. Sandra O.

    I wear them on hot days because it is easy to carry and comfiest flip flops to keep my feet going for long distances.

  87. Mrs. Frankfurter

    I love all colors of huggoes flip-flops because it catches my interest.

  88. Camila

    I wear these flip flops all around the house and in the garden yard. Great quality.

  89. Mrs. Toft

    They lack support otherwise they are nice.

  90. Pirjo

    Lovely and perfect in size.

  91. Elise

    Soft footbed,,, lightweight and good for the summer use…

  92. Mrs. Belle

    Huggoes is never disappointing…

  93. Sophia Hamilton

    All flip-flops are so good that I can’t stop myself from visiting again and again…

  94. Mrs. Rebernjak

    These are my favorite pair of flip-flops I own. I bought them last summer and I wore them for months before winter arrived. They are cute and feel good to the sole.

  95. Ariane

    Flip Flops are my favorite in summer weather! They are super comfortable and I can wear them all day.

  96. Nadal

    Slip-resistant sole that makes it ideal to wear in watery places.

  97. Aina

    These flip flops are super comfy and cushiony for my feet! Lightweight, just perfect to take them on the beach plans.

  98. Emy

    Great quality and comfy! I actually bought a second pair because of successful experience.

  99. Mrs. Tobiassen

    The cushion is great. I wear them everywhere. If you get them wet they dry very quickly.

  100. Isobel Ross

    They fit well and feel fairly comfortable.

  101. Reva J.

    I have worn them almost every day during the lock-down in house, and they were quite good to keep my feet safe from heel cracks and grimes.

  102. Mrs. Patino

    I bought for my mother; they fit as expected and seem to run true to size.

  103. Mrs. Goldschmidt

    Fabulous flip-flops.

  104. Michelle Daecher

    I bought a pair of the flambe last year and I’m still wearing them. They are great in quality…

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