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Garnet Women Flip Flops Slippers

(111 customer reviews)


  • Turquoise/BlackTurquoise/Black
  • Turquoise/OrangeTurquoise/Orange
  • Turquoise/PinkTurquoise/Pink
  • SS
  • MM
  • LL
  • XLXL


Indulge yourself into a fashion universe of stylish Garnet GR2-WM flip flops. Step into the sand by sliding into a pair of turquoise flip flops. The fun colored, comfortable, and resilient pair of womens turquoise flip flops will make you feel ever so feminine and fresh. These flip flop slippers are created to prevent water from damaging your feet. The open structure is responsible for air ventilation, whereas the thick footbed makes sure that sand keeps its good distance from your skin.

Hygienic, ecofriendly, and budget friendly women flip flops slippers will fit right into travel plans. Get a pair and wear them with your bold and beautiful summer outfit. You are ready to take over the world with the colorful flip flop straps!

Additional information

Strap Color

Turquoise/Black, Turquoise/Orange, Turquoise/Pink


S, M, L, XL

111 reviews for Garnet Women Flip Flops Slippers

  1. Hansine

    For beach plans, this website is the best to shop your flip flops.

  2. Gabrielly Cardoso Azevedo

    Love all the hues!

  3. Andrée Couturier

    They are comfortable for daily use.

  4. Andrea Fruehauf

    I am so pleased that I tried them.

  5. Jennifer I. Moyer

    I walk so easily in them and surprisingly, they do not hurt me even after a long sidewalk.

  6. Linda S. Hansen

    Very trendy colors, very soft straps , love them.

  7. Ms. Rebecca Viner

    Please maintain this quality, I am your regular buyer and wants to shop again & again.

  8. Alana Wallwork

    Definitely not the average flip flops , far better than any slippers, soft & flexible

  9. Karen Nielsen

    Very comfy for summer use.

  10. Mary J. Chevalier

    Exemplary softness and water resistant nature…

  11. Ella Owen

    My everyday casual walking partners.

  12. Charmaine Poisson

    A perfect staple to carry on the casual out goings.

  13. Michelle S. Butler

    Maintains the grip on the ground..

  14. Ambra Gaulin

    Its color turns out to be magnificent. I was totally awe-struck when it came. Thank you!

  15. Mariam Pethebridge

    Rubber is always a great material to resist water from any damage. Love these flip flops.

  16. Ms. Georgina

    There should be some extra cushion and a bouncy feel.

  17. Charli Lewers

    I have received my order, nice rubber but it lacks arch support.

  18. Maren

    I am glad I can wear something so open around the house in summer.

  19. Alicia Gibbs

    I love colors and colorful flip flops.

  20. Ms.Nareni

    Loving these flipflop combination, they are just too perfect for my feet.

  21. Mariah Jawn

    I wish the straps could give complete grip, i felt my midfoot pronating in them. Rest they are perect.

  22. Kayieni Jay Marvin

    Lightweight and pretty. Yes I’d love to give them 5 stars

  23. Anke Weissmuller

    Flip flops and my manicured feet makes up the best combination of beautiful feet view.

  24. Tayla Whitehead

    The pure quality with natural rubber gives soft feel to my feet. These flipflops are very comfy to carry all day around the house.

  25. Madeline Hales

    Lightweight as well as I can wear them in water because these slippers resist water amazingly, must buy, these are far better than ordinary flipflops.

  26. Ms. Mikayla Wrigley

    Trustworthy online shopping platform. They deal customers with attention. I am impressed.

  27. Sara Pettigrew

    I got my order on time, picture perfection as welll!!!!

  28. Ms.Keira Sterne

    I call them easy to go fashion ensemble! They matched with almost any thing without hurting the feet.

  29. Karin Propst

    Truly comfortable for my feet.

  30. Elizabeth D. Yates

    Good quality

  31. Matilda Sievier

    Count my name in your regular customers, can’t keep my eyes off from the colors you are offering in flipflops and strappy

  32. Cynthia Harrison

    I wish they have kids collections too, my lil’ princess is loving way too much and can’t take her feet out from my flipflops , I can say she loves it more than me…

  33. Marcia J. Gunthe

    They resist water!!! Wow I can wear them in pool now

  34. Kelly H. Malizia

    Mind blowing quality…

  35. Tayla Dill

    Getting flip flops in this price is love.

  36. Andrea E. Lewis

    It lacks most of the important features, but still you can wear them as after shower slippers.

  37. Elizabeth J. Bancroft

    I received it in a very good condition and packaging was perfect.

  38. Ms. Julie

    Walking has become the easiest thing in these flip flops.

  39. Elizabeth R. Rundle

    Huggoes flip flops are cheaper in price and good in quality.

  40. Audrey Kirkby

    I never experienced blisters in them. Material is very nice!!

  41. Loyce J. Elder

    Didn’t spend a bad day in them!! Best!!

  42. Emma

    Not slippery and doesn’t bother me in walking.

  43. Kirsten Andersen

    These are my beach essentials.

  44. Fifi Bourgeois

    These are my basic pairs to wear in summer trips mainly on beaches.

  45. Isabella Sinclair

    My favorite thing to use in summer time.

  46. Angelina Albert

    I don’t get sweaty feet in them. Nice!

  47. Merci Bilodeau

    This huggoes is just like a comfort hug to my feet. Thanks for introducing the best flip flops!!

  48. Heike Frueh

    Substantial space for my broad feet, doesn’t look weird after wearing!!!

  49. Jennifer J. Kelly

    The best part of these flip flops is its cuteness. My feet looks extra cute in them!!

  50. Kim W.

    Slip-proof flip flops!

  51. Margrethe Geisler

    Don’t mistake going anywhere else when Huggoes has the best quality flip flops.

  52. Lena Braun

    Colorful flip flops look so nice on my feet.

  53. Ms. Petra

    I love this color, it gives a refreshing look and feels cool to my eyes.

  54. Juliane

    Cute looks, comfy feel

  55. Kate Lee

    I am dropping two stars for the absence of arch support otherwise these are perfect!!!

  56. Libby

    Good quality, nature-friendly flip flops!

  57. Charlie Herbert

    My will was to get a pair full of comfort and that’s what I got from Huggoes.

  58. Rayna. J

    You won’t regret this purchase. I have kept them for rough use and they aren’t spendy for the purpose.

  59. KLFF

    I’m loving its deep dark color.

  60. Brittney

    Among the summer essentials!!

  61. Alica Dhakiyarr

    Ordered a pair of flip flops and it arrived quickly!! Truly my favorite!!

  62. LKJU

    Not good in support but after counting its other benefits I have considered to keep them.

  63. Marylou J. A

    So desperate to receive my order of flip flops!! I have heard a lot about Huggoes and finally going to try them. Excited Enough!!!

  64. Francis J. B

    The color is subtle and looks nicer than others!!

  65. HYY

    Use them, You will be hooked just like me…

  66. Carina John

    Huggoes is on the top of my list. My shower pick couldn’t be better than these.

  67. Anonymous

    Truly the best pair for comfort and quality.

  68. A.NN

    Offers free movement to my feet!!

  69. Charlotte Chapman

    I am glad it was not the waste of my money.

  70. KJHG

    I always buy flip flops from here when there is a big summer sale. Waiting for the next sale. Highly recommended!!

  71. Brenda T.

    Treading in flip flops were not that bad… I felt amazinggg!!

  72. Cerys Wilson

    Tiring feet when slide in them, it gets the perfect feel of solace.

  73. Natasha Henderson

    Comfort flip flops.

  74. Evie Ellwood

    Halloween offer is on and I have bought two pairs in a decent price! Loving itttt!!!

  75. Helen W. Warren

    Huggoes is a feel of contentment. Your time and money will never go in waste if you are here for the purchase.

  76. RS

    Cute and easy to carry.

  77. AMS1234

    I am obsessed with these super cute flip flops. Love its exotic combinations. Going to buy more.

  78. Emily Cranwell

    Good in quality and affordable.

  79. Rose Higinbotham

    So eye catching color combinations.

  80. Zara Boland

    Receiving the best is the feel of contentment which I have got from huggoes. Keep satisfying the customers like that!!!

  81. Camilla Lorenzo

    It is the best combination of the colorful sole. Comfort feels.

  82. Ms. Vitoria Carvalho

    Always gives me comfort with a perfect fit.

  83. Mrs. Holloway

    My feet got so used to it that I can’t even pass a single day without them in the house (SUMMERS). Buy them, you’ll love it!!

  84. Ms. Jasmine

    I am sure these flip flops are going to last for long time. Very nice quality.

  85. Mrs. Sandgreen

    I got my parcel on time, superb service and nice slippers.

  86. Mrs. Millenaar

    For non-stop picnic pleasures at the beachside, buying these flip flops will be the right choice.

  87. Dobos

    They are the best for sunny weather and can be used for both, indoor and outdoor works.

  88. Helena

    Carry them near the beach because it doesn’t come off your feet like other flip-flops.

  89. Mrs. Carvalho

    Its soft soles are perfect for my feet.

  90. Kelly

    I love the color and these garnet flip flops caught all my interest because of that.

  91. Emilly

    The straps are soft on top of my feet and the sole is great for walking long distances.

  92. Mrs. Pelletier

    These flip flops are water-resistant, ideal for the rainy season.

  93. Mrs. Roe

    Love them for the quality and price.

  94. Mrs. Jepsen

    Rubber is of top quality and these flip flops are very quick to clean.

  95. Anneli

    The price is so affordable and nice in quality.

  96. Mrs. Henriksson

    I wear them everywhere. They are quick-drying slippers so don’t fear the water fun.

  97. Szolos

    The sole feels like a firm marshmallow hugging my feet. I don’t want to take them off and I’m buying another pair of flip flops. Love it!!

  98. Susanne

    I have walked quite a lot in these flips flops and they are very comfortable.

  99. Madison Carey

    I wear these flip-flops every day around the house when summer comes.. Also, I love the iconic color options huggoes have offered.

  100. Mrs. Gronlund

    This is super comfy and fits well. These Flip flops are great for casual wear.

  101. Mrs. Hansen

    Truly great for water parks and summer fun.

  102. Neza Hacek

    Comfort is in its sole… Love it!!

  103. Ms. Kenya

    It is super comfy and fits well. They are a great choice for my casual outfits and the color combination is amazing.

  104. Mrs. Hellstrom

    They are so comfortable; I was so impressed that I bought another two pairs.

  105. Mrs. Isaksson

    The soles are also very comfortable and spongy. It gives a feel of cushion to my feet.

  106. Ella Zito

    Got the right fit. Quality also meets the expectations.

  107. Kiera

    The footbed is nice and cushy.

  108. Mrs. Cabrera

    Most comfortable flip-flops I’ve owned!! I order the blue/pink and it looks the most beautiful color on my feet 😍

  109. Mrs. Jurado

    I wasn’t sure if I would be in love with the style and look but after wearing them, my doubts vanished and I loved it.

  110. Jana

    I wore these flip-flops every single day and the quality is so nice.

  111. Jessika

    This is my second pair of Huggoes flip-flops. I love them, for me, the best part is how soft and comfortable they feel.

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