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  • Purple/PinkPurple/Pink
  • Purple/PurplePurple/Purple
  • Purple/YellowPurple/Yellow
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Lilac VL1-WM purple flip flops are much more than a mere pair of flimsy flip flops. This footwear has a strategically engineered footbed which suits the podiatric needs of your foot. These toe thong slippers have a textured footbed which is responsible for a tight grip. This grip is heightened with stretchable flip flop straps that are patterned, abstractly. The flexible footbed is also responsible for non-stop comfort for your beach day.

The stylish design and comfortable structure of these womens purple flip flops will surely become your favorite and your number one choice to wear for beach, bar, and beyond. Grab a pair of women flip flop slippers, as they are light in weight and acquire less space in your travel bag. These flip flop slippers are surely ideal to pack in when you kick start your travel diaries!

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Strap Color

Purple/Lime, Purple/Pink, Purple/Purple, Purple/Yellow


S, M, L, XL


  1. Stella Whiddon

    Very nice in quality!!

  2. Magdalena Pacovská

    I love walking in them. They aren’t clunky and that was my main concern.

  3. Noémi Smans

    The most comfy flip flops I have ever owned!

  4. Leonie Austerlitz

    Will buy more! I really like the material of the rubber.

  5. Christiana

    Always a lavender fan, be it flowers, fragrances, clothes or shoes. I found my color and this is what I was actually looking for so long in flip flops. I ordered 2 pairs, one in purple /pink and other in purple/ yellow.

  6. Ashley Fizelle

    So soft and extremely comfortable for the feet. Thumbs up for the quality!

  7. Ms.Madeleine Bouton

    I love the detailing and these huggoes flip flops are way better than other … Will buy more.

  8. Jessica S.

    Huggoes have excellent collection, I am super confused with what to buy for myself, and they have a lot of options damn! I am ordering purple and green.

  9. Brittany Ooijen

    I got one size bigger but it fitted me accurate. BEST among the others.

  10. Penny J. Casanova

    These are going to be my lifetime staple. I am going to buy few more pairs, so that the next few summer will be in extreme comfort.

  11. Ludmila Nováková

    I bought it for my daughter and she just loved it.

  12. Emily Robinson

    Huggoes are always a best pick for all season.

  13. Jakobine Kreutzmann

    I have ordered size 8 and they were perfect. Thanks!

  14. Henrietta S. Barter

    I can’t wait to wear them on the beach side.

  15. Laurie Hutton

    Water Friendly soft flip-flops, I am a big time slipper lover so I got 2 pairs from Huggoes and satisfied…

  16. Theda Vang

    Love the flip flops! Will be buying more!! They are wonderful on your feet, makes your feet feel great unlike the junky flat flip flops!!!

  17. Sarah J. Beck

    So flexible, easy to clean and skin friendly texture.

  18. Sophie Thomas

    These are my all day, ready to-go flip flop slippers.

  19. Mary A. Barros

    The purple color looks amazing on my feet.

  20. Nivi Sørensen

    The soft sole of huggoes is a perfect delight for my feet.

  21. Nicole S. B

    Thong straps were quite loose.

  22. Anonymous

    Wearing huggoes flip flops at every picnic has become a habit now.

  23. Claudia MacLaurin

    Can’t survive my beach plans without them.

  24. Kiera Bowen

    I really like the detailing and these slippers are way better than other … Will buy more.

  25. Isabella Page

    I am a big time lavender fan and that’s why I ordered this pair. Love love love them

  26. Maisie Patel

     Thumbs up for the flip flops quality, and they have a lot options..

  27. Marveille Quinn

    It is perfect for summer joys!!!

  28. Vitoria Barros Silva

    Fine to wear on daily basis.

  29. Veronica Simpson

    Huggoes is a fashion palace for me, I got all my desired colors here with best quality materials

  30. Naura Jayne

    Rubber material flipflops make my walks pain-free

  31. Mrs. Bruce

    Very pretty collection, very moderate prices. Will buy more!

  32. Lavinne J. Shok

    Soft, trendy and far better than other junky flipflops.

  33. Karoline

    The straps are very disturbing because it rubs my toes when I walk. I can’t blame the flip flops completely for that because my feet are sensitive and it doesn’t get friendly easily with any new pair.

  34. Dolores S. Soloman

    It is my easy style indoor slippers.

  35. Alisha Tucker

    Huggoes has all the variety of summer, every color is so appealing that it took half an hour to pick one for now. I picked Lilac 🙂

  36. Lara Hurst

    Straps give a nice hold letting the feet staying on place without slipping..

  37. Nicole Maurer

    Love Huggoes!! Best Quality.

  38. Audrey Neale

    My feet get so relaxed when walk in them.

  39. Eve Todd

    My summers are going to thrive in these favorite flip flops edition.

  40. Lucinda Carboni

    I have two pairs of flip flops, one for garden use and one for outdoor purpose. Both are the bestttt!!

  41. Tereza Rysová

    Walking is so easy in them!! Well-made pairs.

  42. Frederikke Hansen

    These flip flops are so soft and lightweight that I love wearing them every time.

  43. Rebecca H. Reilly

    My favorite color looks the best especially when I put nail paint on my nails.

  44. Avril Trépanier

    I wish these flip flops have a balanced sole!!

  45. Kate Leehy

    Oh this bright color is so appealing that I end up buying these Flip flops and I am wearing it right now, it looks super amazing!!!

  46. Debbie A. Baker

    These are the best ones I have ever got for summers!!

  47. Sandra

    Flip flops of Huggoes is the best alternative to shop for the season!!

  48. Audrey J. Windsor

    I get uncomfortable in them for not having arch supportive footbed….

  49. Lois R.

    Terrific!!! These are super cute…

  50. Ms. Mindy

    Flexible rubber with 100% waterproof feature is a perfect steal at this price.

  51. Anonymous

    Don’t waste time and money on any other product when Huggoes is here!!

  52. Anonymous

    Truly amazinggg for the price and quality of the product!!

  53. Mrs. HGT

    Huggoes never disappoint a customer. Extremely well!!!

  54. Mrs. Drake

    Awesome quality, super light weight!!!

  55. Alexis

    Super soft flip flops.

  56. Christin Schiffer

    Very nice quality. I bought two more pairs. So flexible, easy to wear.

  57. Mrs. Gough

    Most comfortable flip flops for short walks or indoor wearing.

  58. Eva Beak

    My narrow feet don’t get the actual grip in them. Everything was fine but still I had to return them for the improper fitting.

  59. Benilde Manfrin

    Yellow and purple color looks different in flip flops. These are the best pair for summer.

  60. Parnella Clavet

    Amazing flip flops collection of huggoes. It is so soft and flexible footwear.

  61. Mrs. Reinhardt

    I tried them for the first time in summer and it was really very well in quality and comfort both.

  62. Ms. Vanessa

    Huggoes flip flops are the best for rainy weather.

  63. Mrs. Prokhorova

    They are great quality flip flops and the size and color are perfect too.

  64. Petrine

    I spend a lot of time at the beach and by the poolside in summer, so I wanted something that could hold up better than my other flip flops when they get wet. These flip flops provide enough grip and are reliable to keep for picnics and other summer fun…

  65. Mrs. Ferrari

    I just love the color but sad about the fact that it lacks support which is the basic need of my feet.

  66. Morgan

    I wish the straps were more skin-friendly, they are causing rashes to my skin… However, the quality of the product is quite good.

  67. Kunegunda Duda

    The cute colors of these comfy soles and blister-free straps are my favorite.

  68. Wioletta Zajac

    These flip flops were delivered on time and were packed very nicely. I adore the rubber quality.

  69. Mrs. Holmberg

    Wow, these are so comfy, you feel as if you are walking on air, they are wonderful.

  70. Gaetane

    Nice for watery places. It is surely going to be my permanent website for flip-flop shopping.

  71. Brigitte

    I have walked miles in these and across all terrains on holidays. I am thinking to buy more and make a collection of these huggoes flip-flops.

  72. Mrs. Adams

    OMG!! these are super cute and super comfy!

  73. Ornelas

    I’m pretty picky about my flip-flops, and this one is the great one.

  74. Summer Marsden

    Very comfortable and I wear them around the garden, yard and outside my house…

  75. Mrs. Fruzsina

    I ordered these Huggoes flip flops about a month ago and I LOVED THEM!

  76. Silke

    I used them daily during our recent vacation to Hawaii and I absolutely loved them. They are super soft and cushiony.

  77. Julie S.

    I like the varieties of colors they offer.

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