Marine Women Flip Flops Slippers

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Marine Women Flip Flops Slippers

(38 customer reviews)


  • Blue/Lime
  • Blue/Pink
  • SS
  • MM
  • LL
  • XLXL


The fun color combinations of Marine women flip flops slippers bring a typical bohemian vibe to your persona. Get ready to take on the summer season with Marine BL2-WIM blue flip flops as they are made with extra care and concern to take your vacations to a whole another level. The elaborately engineered footbed is responsible for foot support that provides your sole with utter comfort and ease. The patterned outsole of womens blue flip flops forms a firm grip on any surface, enabling you to walk smoothly.

The soft flip flop straps prevent any sort of rashes or irritation against the skin and make sure that your skin is always dry through the open structure. The footbed of womens flip flops is also quick-drying, which allows your feet to remain clean and tidy for long hours.

Additional information

Strap Color

Blue/Lime, Blue/Pink


S, M, L, XL

38 reviews for Marine Women Flip Flops Slippers

  1. Janina Kaufmann

    Amazing flip flop collections they have. Will certainly buy more colors of flip flops.

  2. Clarice van Berlo

    I didn’t sprain in them! wow!

  3. Kaitlyn Allard

    Soft and flexible like a walk on the clouds. Thumbs Up!

  4. Janet F. Gholston

    I have two pairs of huggoes that ran for years so I can rate them five from durability point of view!

  5. Brenda N. Price

    Live the colors of these. I have worn them not only with my beach clothes but also some other styles. Very nice in every aspect.

  6. Věra Hovorková

    I am sure these flip flops are going to last for long time because I have felt them great on my foot.

  7. Maria J. Barnes

    The perfect summer staple.

  8. Mariana Ribeiro Costa

    These aren’t stiff, works good as an indoor slipper.

  9. Sharon A. P

    It lacks support!

  10. Christina Aachen

    I am sure, it will run for long time.

  11. Joan G. Calvert

    It is my daily-wear kinda flip flops… Well, nothing so bad about them to complain here. Nice!!

  12. Dorene Chapman

    Best service for the customers with a very secured online shopping experience, buy from huggoes, they delivered quality product on time

  13. Bernadette H. Arriaga

    Blue never disappoints! Very bright for my summer closet.

  14. Mrs. Cobwell

    Huggoes delivered quality product on time, satisfied service and product..

  15. Alice brunette

    Safe online shopping spot

  16. Robin K. Garner

    It is my daily-wear kinda flip flops… Well, nothing so bad about them to complain here. Nice!!

  17. Irene E. Bolivar

    It is perfect for indoor use.

  18. Ms. Josette

    The rubber quality feels very nice and I believe it will run for long time.

  19. Margaux Gamelin

    If they have said natural rubber, don’t doubt them. It is true!! Nice quality.

  20. Jade Hurst

    Good for short time walking.

  21. Hanne Knudsen

    Colorful range of flip flops that gives a summery vibe.

  22. Samantha L

    Flexible and I can wash them easily whenever I want.

  23. Phoebe Stone

    Love this dark blue color.

  24. Francesca West

    I AM impressed with these natural rubber flipflops…Thumbs up

  25. Claudette Gagnon

    Please introduce something with better arch support.

  26. Layla Moonlight

    Allow my feet to breathe the fresh air! Open and lightweight footwear

  27. Amy Hervey

    Beautiful colors flipflops, enlightened the mood as well…

  28. Imogen Winspear

    The process of product delivery was quite prompt and I got my flip flops on time.

  29. Isabella Dobbie

    Summer adventures without the fact of water is incomplete. Flip flops of huggoes is a perfect thing to buy for such trips!!!

  30. Johanna Beike

    Thank God the sole is not rigid.

  31. Lily Lynch

    Waiting for my order to arrive, i hope it will be very comfortable!!!

  32. Regine Christensen

    You won’t regret buying these lovely pairsssss!!!!

  33. Daisy Pickering

    Summer in huggoes flip flops is fun!!

  34. Rebacca. LL

    If you want comfort and quality in low price, you shouldn’t miss them. The best thing to buy!!

  35. Anonymous

    Comfortable and foot-worthy!

  36. Anonymous

    There should be more options in the strap color.

  37. Jamie C. Saylor

    Amazing to pick for the hot days.

  38. Catalina A.

    Straps doesn’t cut my toes, comfortable to wear!!!

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