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Misty Women Flip flops Slippers

(112 customer reviews)


  • beige/Blackbeige/Black
  • beige/Greybeige/Grey
  • beige/Navybeige/Navy
  • beige/Pinkbeige/Pink
  • SS
  • MM
  • LL
  • XLXL


We are bringing the chicest looks from the runway to your doorstep with the Huggoes beige flip flops. You can wear Misty SB4-WM beige flip flops with your boring beach outfits and add a touch of high fashion. The minimalistic design of the womens beige flip flops is what sets them apart from the rest. Sturdy yet light in weight misty flip flop slippers are easy to carry in your travel bag and even more convenient to wear on a daily basis.

The footbed of these womens flip flops slippers is made with 100% natural rubber which is freshly extracted from the finest sources. The rubber we used is biodegradable, which makes these sandals number one choice of environmentalists. These sandals are available in the beige color footbed that will make you feel girly and young!

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Strap Color

beige/Black, beige/Grey, beige/Navy, beige/Pink


S, M, L, XL

112 reviews for Misty Women Flip flops Slippers

  1. Beatrice Cavalcanti Alves

    Oh my favorite flip flops are highly recommendable! Flexible yet comfortable.

  2. Stephanie Conlon

    Summers are all set with my new flip flops. Yay!!!

  3. Mrs. Phillips

    I am glad that I choose these flip flops for my beach trips.

  4. Senista

    Looks great on feet and with my shorts!

  5. Tia Green

    Can’t get over the softness

  6. Anna Kotrlová

    These are amazing! No blister, no rash!

  7. Bella Rodd

    Absolute Amazing!

  8. Ms. Petrine

    It feels so comfortable and I am so glad that I used them!

  9. Harriette Devost

    I have slightly wide feet so my fear was if they could fit me accurate or not. Perfect fit!

  10. Jeniffer R.

    I found no problem in them and that’s why I am rating it five stars.

  11. Julia B. Tilton

    I love the texture of these flip flops plus the detailing on the straps. I must say they are different from my other flip flops in various ways.

  12. Janet Jakson

    BEIGE AND GREY ! What a combo.

  13. Charline Laberge

    They look so cute with my summer outfits.

  14. Alice Brierly

    Wonderful and love the contrasting shades.

  15. Émilie Beausoleil

    Definitely it’s worth the money!

  16. Chelsea Christen

    My definition of softies ‘ Misty flip Flops’

  17. Helen Krender

    My order arrived early , super exciteddd!

  18. Imogen Bond

    Hope they will bring some more new designs in rubber sandals.

  19. Joyce J. Reed

    Give an ideal look on my feet, soft , stylish and best…

  20. Mette Kleist

    These are my slippers for seaside.

  21. Mrs. Gibbes

    Was in search of some excitement for my wardrobe and stopped here at Huggoes to get my choice

  22. Lauren Sisley

    Colors that match my soul.

  23. Mille N. Brandt

    My order arrived on time. Good service.

  24. Jenifer J. Chavez

    I and my daughter have bought the same pair of flip flops and we enjoy wearing them in summer days.

  25. Betty R. Dail

    These are my regular flip flops for this season.

  26. Althea J. Kasten

    These flip flops are soft and comfortable with good colors.

  27. Anna R. Slane

    Bright colors in summer season looks very charming. Love it.

  28. Ellie Hillgrove

    Their online service worked amazing, I ordered and got them in time.

  29. Scarlett Mathew

    A perfect pair for aquatic adventures does exist.

  30. Klaudia

    I ordered this color but received a flip flop of another shade. I would have given them five stars but just because of getting the wrong color I am dropping two stars.

  31. Gonnie Visbeen

    These are so convenient for summer-wear.

  32. Sarah Townley

    Flip flops in light colors gives a cool look in warm summers. Nice!!

  33. Silvia G. Hirsch

    Wonderful flip-flops with rubber material which is so soft and gentle to my skin

  34. Marie Eberhardt

    Beach footwear can never be more perfect than these. Try them, you’ll love it.

  35. Mandy R. Jost

    I wash them a lot but they don’t lose their good quality. I am highly satisfied after trying them.

  36. Eden Bettington

    After shower flip flops cannot be better than these.

  37. Danielle Dale

    These flip flops are among my summer favorites.

  38. Niamh Baxter

    I am not much pleased from it. Just OK to wear.

  39. Katie Myers

    Got the right size. Order received on time.

  40. Thelma R. Kelly

    Very soft with actual rubber.

  41. Nancy S. Barbour

    Waterrrrprrooofff… perfect for summers!!

  42. Megan Daniels

    It is exactly the same as described and shown in the picture, absolute fine colors and quality.

  43. Phoebe Drury

    I bought two pairs from here, OH GOODNESSS!!! I found them wonderfulllll for my feet.

  44. Lilliana D. Flynn

    Huggoes is always my flip flop point to shop for beach parties and summer fun.

  45. Mrs.Zack

    Excellent flipflops !!!

  46. Helenn Furgossen

    Doesn’t disappoint at all like other junky flipflops.. they are much better in quality of the rubber as well as the creation and style

  47. Stephanie Scherer

    Fair enough to wear in house.

  48. Amelia Harmer

    My feet feel so light in them. I can stroll smoothly near the poolside in my flip flops

  49. Claudia Morrow

    My summer essentialsss!!!!

  50. Sophie Beaupré

    Wear it in house, it will keep you in move throughout the day.

  51. Delores D. Boling

    The collection is lovely for this season.

  52. Ružica Petrović

    Best flip flops to boost the summer mirth

  53. Zurie Lachance

    I would highly recommend these flip flops for summer season. The best thing about them is, these are easy to clean and light weight.

  54. Vanessa Junker

    How cute they look in my feet is the loveliest feeling I get after wearing them. Thanks!!

  55. Marie Hrubá

    Tried it and felt fine.

  56. Milena Jančíková

    Adorable and way too cute to wear at beach.

  57. Phillipa Lagacé

    Flip flops of huggoes is never a problem for my feet. Recommendable!!

  58. Chelsea Fairweather

    It is just made to maximize my summer fun.

  59. Rose Fink

    Natural rubber, feels good on my feet.

  60. Ivalu Løvstrøm

    Great product to combat the sunny weather.

  61. Johanna W. T

    Experienced a good day in them. Incredibly comfortable.

  62. Charli Rebell

    Wonderful pool pairs.

  63. Ellie Bowen

    Never found something so comfortable like these.

  64. Margaret D. Robison

    I shouldn’t buy these light color sandals, it gets dirty very quickly

  65. Irene F.

    Extremely comfortable and blisters have got no chance to sprout out.

  66. Brigitte Gaertner

    Feels great even you walk on grass with them.

  67. Molly Davis

    So lightweight but alas, no arch support.

  68. Pauline

    Anti-slip rubber sole that saves me from tripping!!!

  69. LHG

    People with high arches should avoid wearing these flops, however it is good to wear in picnics and beach parties.

  70. Kerstin

    I have worn variety of flip flops but this one was different in feel and texture. Very nice for summer fun!!!

  71. Mavise Laboissonnière

    Flip flops are mainly made for the summer season and I am glad that the best one is in my wardrobe!!

  72. Chloe Fowler

    Summer’s special!! love it!!

  73. Gladys E. Jefferson

    Right size, Right color… Great experience!!

  74. Alana Kelley

    Amazingglyyy comfortable!!

  75. Rebecca D. Nam

    Fearing about the quality would be worthless, these are perfect!!

  76. MKHI

    Slip resistant slippers!!

  77. Eden Tost

    Quality satisfied me a lottt!

  78. Mrs. Naquin

    Loved my online shopping. It is soft and flexible!

  79. Florence C. Jaynes

    I have received my order, love huggoes, it is a hug of comfort.

  80. P. Champine

    Why should I go somewhere else when these flip flops are in range? Highly affordable and good to wear!!!

  81. R.R

    It seems authentic to me. Good quality!!

  82. LKIYT

    Super comfy…

  83. Eddie K. Nelson

    I use them as my after shower slippers and they are perfecttt!!

  84. AnonymOUS

    It’s true to size.. Good for daily use…

  85. UNknown Customer

    Easy to clean, rubber quality is good and maintains the grip perfectly on the ground.

  86. Mrs. Harriman

    I love light colors and this one is my favorite. Very comfortable sole, great for indoor use in summers.

  87. Vitoria Carvalho Ferreira

    The texture of this flip flop is amazing. I and my sister bought these same sandals.

  88. Sara Hixson

    I like the pink color flip flop. They are flexible. I washed them but they didn’t lose their quality.

  89. Ms. Chelsea

    I wear them for all day walking, gardening and at waterparks in summer. It’s great to purchase. Reviewing it after 6 months of regular use.

  90. KIU

    100% great for the daily use.

  91. Anonymous

    It’s so convenient to carry them in a bag pack and take them for a watery adventure. Amazing flip flops.

  92. Genoveffa Buccho

    Flip flops are flexible. I felt them great on my foot and waiting for the next summer to arrive soon so that I could use them.

  93. Albertine Sarrazin

    All colors are nice. These flip flops are the best for summer season.

  94. Milla Browning

    Lightweight with a great sole.

  95. Sara

    The straps don’t rub against my skin and this is why I wear them a lot in sunny weather.

  96. Astrid

    It is the only pair I take out to enjoy my trip to the coastal region. Reliable to use!!!

  97. MJKL

    I wear them around the yard but I don’t feel they are suitable enough to wear out on a sidewalk or long walk.

  98. Dinar

    They are comfortable flip flops and looks very nice. Footbed is squishy soft…

  99. Mrs. Nikoletta

    It’s good for a quick walk to grocery shops and street strolling.

  100. Sofia Fanucci

    These are the only flip-flops I can wear all day without my feet hurting in the end of the day because they are comfortable and lightweight.

  101. Shannon

    This color gets dirty very quickly but cleaning them is super easy so no issues.

  102. Edyta

    Soft and skin-friendly, wore them in Water Park and in my house, perfect for indoor and outdoor…

  103. Reneja

    It is super comfy and great for someone with wide feet like me as they adjust easily in them. Love this color too!

  104. Mrs. Venegas

    I put these and wore them all day every day for weeks in the long hot summer with no sore spots at all.

  105. Mrs. Gour

    Thick rubber soles add support to the feet.

  106. Denise

    I wear these all the time because they are slip-resistant. The price was very reasonable.

  107. Amy S.

    If you want flip-flops for summer with better quality, this is the right place to buy your fave from. These are really incredible.

  108. Ailey

    I love flip-flops from Huggoes and like to wear them all summer!

  109. Mrs. Camacho

    These are the only flip flops I where in the summer time.

  110. Mrs. Fleischer

    Everything is perfect except for the support. Please introduce flip-flops with arch support that could help in a long walk.

  111. Sophia

    Made of soft rubber which means no blisters on rashes.

  112. Ana Antonija

    Super comfy! For me, real purchase, and the color looks great too!

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