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Sapling Women Flip flops Slippers

(71 customer reviews)


  • Olive Green/Black
  • Olive Green/Lime
  • Olive Green/Orange
  • Olive Green/Red
  • Olive Green/Yellow
  • SS
  • MM
  • LL
  • XLXL


Fall in love with nature and slide your feet in these sapling flip flop slippers. The olive green footbed will awaken the nature lover in you and make your journey peaceful and comfortable. Become a part of nature with these ecofriendly, biodegradable GR3-WM Green flip flop. The springy footbed of womens green flip flops will make your walking experience idyllic even on the rough trails. The footbed is thick enough to combat mild roughness and prevent moisture from retaining on your skin.

The flip flop straps are made with stretchable material that will allow your feet to fit perfectly in these sapling GR3-WM green flip flops. Run around carefreely as you can rely on these comfy and cushy flip flop slippers. The sturdy material, abrasion resistance, and resilient rubber features of these womens flip flop slippers allow long wear.

Additional information

Strap Color

Olive Green/Black, Olive Green/Lime, Olive Green/Orange, Olive Green/Red, Olive Green/Yellow


S, M, L, XL

71 reviews for Sapling Women Flip flops Slippers

  1. Tina D. Flores

    Perfect flip flops for my older feet.

  2. Grace Whitta

    Very good in quality!

  3. Sabine Neudorf

    I liked the thickness of the sole! Perfect!

  4. Lea Bach

    Love all the colors of the straps.

  5. Carol J. Grabowski

    Recently I went to a shopping mall to buy a pair of flip flops but its quality was so disappointing that I ended up throwing them out. This website is way better to shop flip flops for the summer days.

  6. Larissa Oliveira Pinto

    Very happy by the quality and the price.

  7. Julie F. Fierro

    I would love to buy them again and again because of the low price and best quality.

  8. Judithe Heilmann

    These are great for the indoor use.

  9. Lucinda Nyhan

    Too nice, lovely dressy matching options.

  10. Abigail J. Blackmore

    Very exciting collection. Pink , green, yellow every color looks modish.

  11. Mackenzie Holland

    They are a perfect fit.

  12. Ms. Ellie

    The cheapest yet the comfiest flip flops.

  13. Amalie Kleist

    These flip flops are clearly made from the top quality material. My money was not a waste on this product.

  14. Melissa J. Sandin

    Love the water friendly nature of these flipflops

  15. Ms.Mary Ashcraft

    I have found the most beautiful flipflops here, perfect beach colors and exceptional quality rubber

  16. Patricia B.

    These are perfect for high use in summer and if you are searching for a durable water flip flop, shop huggoes.

  17. Molly Bolton

    So cheap yet keeps every feature to be loved for summers…

  18. Ines Pabst

    Not only in summer picnics, but it has secured me in the normal days too.

  19. Stephanie McCubbin

    It can be cleaned easily with a simple cleaner. Nice!!

  20. Jitka Michalíčková

    Not much satisfied by the structure however you can rate them five for the quality.

  21. Jensine Lundblad

    Huggoes is <3

  22. Maya Buchanan

    Love its waterproof quality.

  23. Enna K. Zoritt

    5 stars for the mesmerizing collection. Just bring buy one and get one offer so, I could get my hands atleast on two of the best colors in the range.

  24. Laurenn Saw

    Green look so refreshing, I pick it especially for my hot season’s excursion..

  25. Ashtly Justin

    Colorful straps, colorful flats make these flipflops look very unique on my feet. I go for outdoor activities in them with zero regrets. Soft, sustainable and environmental friendly

  26. Abby Blackmore

    Flipflops are too good in quality and to check the claim I wore them near poolside and doesn’t get slipped, it holds the ground firmly without tripping slipping. Excellent material flipflops Huggoes have…

  27. Sally M. Herrell

    Well in quality and durable enough.

  28. Alexis Mackinlay

    I love the green shade , It’s the classiest color I believe , so refreshing and energetic.

  29. Ms.Lilly Ansell

    Straps are skin friendly made up from original rubber . I can feel the softness with great ground hold whenever I wear them…

  30. Karen N. Gist

    Picture perfection, nice combinations!

  31. LKJH

    Highly recommended. Not much spendy and quality is very nice.

  32. Karen Sandgreen

    I can’t stand in these flip flops for long time because the orthotic support lacks here. Please introduce something with arch support.

  33. Stephanie Hallahan

    Very fine in quality.

  34. Lune Dolmans

    Maintains grip even on the slippery surfaces.

  35. Charli Lammon

    It’s very easy to take steps in them, how lightweight they are.

  36. Ms. Felicia

    I wear them in my non-working hours and it feels very comfortable.

  37. Robin C. Downs

    These are super comfy and dries very fast.

  38. Susanne Baader

    Lightweight!! No discomfort and totally fine for my feet.

  39. Vilma O. Woodrow

    Fits not so well. They are wide and look too weird while walking.

  40. Lisa

    The soles are soft so I can wear them in house too.

  41. Kelly J. Miller

    These light weighted flops are great to put on wide feet.

  42. Brigitte Koch

    Walking in park wearing these flip flops is perfectttt!!!

  43. Ms. Kiera

    Finally I got my dream pairs.

  44. Ellie Rose

    Incredibly squishy and has the firm sole.

  45. Laura Keller

    Slightly padded sole with water friendly nature.

  46. Sabine Pfeiffer

    Nature friendly flip flops! Beach fun is perfect in them.

  47. Charlie Briggs

    It is simply a hug of comfort!! Love HUGGOES!!

  48. Amanda J. Metcalfe

    Best thing to buy this season….

  49. Janel W. Valencia

    This dark green color makes it more visible. Nice…

  50. Jakobine Jørgensen

    Slip resistant flip flops!!

  51. Florence Boivin

    It gives a soft feel to my feet which I just love about the brand.

  52. Lisa J. Moore

    Substantial space and unlimited comfort!!

  53. Macie J. Carson

    The open and breezy style is perfect for my foot.

  54. Judithe Pedersen

    Bought these slippers for my wife and she absolutely loved it. She wears it daily and it saves her from heel cracks. Highly recommended.

  55. Marian M. Kidd

    I love this dark and light color combination of the flip flops.

  56. Anonymous

    My shower shoes couldn’t be perfect than these.

  57. Casey E. B

    Buying flip flops from huggoes is just similar to owning the best quality pairs.

  58. Charlotte Carnarvon

    It filled my heart with satisfaction, the quality is superbbb!!

  59. Evie Williams

    Not costly at all, quality is splendid too.

  60. Alexis Timbery

    Never found them slipping out of my feet. Grip is great!!

  61. Anonymous

    I tread easily in them.

  62. Anonymous

    It’s a perfect package of color, comfort, durability and quality.

  63. M1234

    It was a bit disappointing because the color I got wasn’t the same!! However I got impressed by the quality and comfort!!

  64. Chandra E. Dean

    Best thing about these flops is, they are waterproof allowing you stay fear free in watery places.

  65. HGF

    Love this dark deep green color <3

  66. Frances

    It resists me from slipping.

  67. H>L

    Bring me these flip flops and you’ll see my changing expressions right away. They give me the perfect feeling of happiness especially when I wear them in summer!

  68. OnlineShopper

    My day starts wearing it and ends up with it. Best thing to wear in house.

  69. Ann

    Thanks for sending the right pair. It’s incredible!!!

  70. Pamela J. Parker

    These are stain resistant… Great!!!

  71. Ms. Grace

    No doubt, it is a five star product!!!

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