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Smoky Women Flip flops Slippers

(111 customer reviews)


  • White/beigeWhite/beige
  • White/LimeWhite/Lime
  • White/PinkWhite/Pink
  • White/RedWhite/Red
  • White/TurquoiseWhite/Turquoise
  • SS
  • MM
  • LL
  • XLXL
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The feminine and sturdy smoky WH1-WM white flip flops are all the rage in the current haut monde. The white base of these sandals adds a sophisticated touch to the overall playful vibe of the flip flops slippers. Add a tinge of chicness and girly friskiness to your persona with these smoky white flip flop.

Made with 100% natural rubber, these white flip flops womens are biodegradable which makes them highly eco-friendly. If you are someone who is eco-conscious, then waste no time and go for these comfortable, stylish, and fashion-forward flip flops slippers. Incorporated with an oval toe post, these sandals provide maximum protection from the rough ground and moisture. The colorful flip flops straps are perfect for the women who like to remain carefree while making sure they look classy and a la mode even on the beach day.

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Strap Color

White/beige, White/Lime, White/Pink, White/Red, White/Turquoise


S, M, L, XL

111 reviews for Smoky Women Flip flops Slippers

  1. Dianna F.

    OH I JUSTT LOVE THEM!!! Very comfortable sole and feels like anything squishy you are wearing beneath your feet. PeRfect!!

  2. Susan M. Pierce

    Don’t go anywhere, just buy from here. It’s the best website for flip flops.

  3. Julie R. Renner

    Not flimsy! Every summer these flip flops from huggoes is the only pair I take out to enjoy my plans painlessly!

  4. Lucinda Hemmant

    Rubber is of top quality and these flip flops are very quick to clean!

  5. Shirley J. Turner

    I love the color of them all!

  6. Helen J. Hilger

    Too pretty and look superb on my manicured feet.

  7. Mia Redfern

    Excellent rubber quality that makes my walk smooth.

  8. Ms. Annabelle Gwendolen

    I wish the straps could be more skin friendly.

  9. Pamela K. Jeffery

    My favorite flip flop slippers

  10. Taylor Ford

    Surprised with the collection of Huggoes. Very soft

  11. Marjorie A. P

    These flip flops are very cute but the only reason I gave them three stars is its uncomfortable straps. My got a blister in them.

  12. Phoebe Canning

    I wish there was some support in these flip flops otherwise they are nice.

  13. Hannah Grant

    Extremely lovely flip flops collection. I got two from here and totally loved them

  14. Ms. Anon Grey

    Wear them in water and enjoy my walk. Doesn’t get slippery at all

  15. Emma Hancock

    Stroll in my house all day, doesn’t come off, doesn’t hurt my feet. What a magical production. THANKS HUGGOES

  16. Rocha Oliveira

    All flip flops are so good that I can’t stop myself from visiting again and again

  17. Lea S. Thygesen

    They respond to my messages. I need my order to be arrived soon and they did. IMPRESSED

  18. Abigail Serle

    I can’t tolerate the bad quality pairs and trying this brand was a great experience.

  19. Stephanie Faerber

    So cheap in price and so good in quality.

  20. Annie K. Phillips

    These are great for boardwalks and long distance walking.

  21. Melanie Ziegler

    This color gets dirty very quickly but cleaning them is super easy so no issues.

  22. Aubine Mouet

    These are so comfortable that I don’t like wearing them off.

  23. Matilda Vaughn

    Perfect backpack edition, so beautiful colors…

  24. Nona J. May

    So smooth footbed has become the love of my feet.

  25. Jade Faulkner

    My daughter enjoys wearing them.

  26. Brianna Lhotsky

    I was excited to use them for a cruise. Lovely and perfect in size.

  27. Mattie J. Sawyer

    This white color gets dirty very quickly otherwise I have found them perfectly fine for my feet.

  28. Sharon D. Lancaster

    Colorful edition

  29. Alyssa

    These flip flops were delivered on time and was packed very nicely. I adore the rubber quality.

  30. Marie Schulz

    Summer significant pairs.

  31. Amy Wekey

    Soft and skin friendly, wear them in water and in my house, perfect indoor outdoor feet shoes…

  32. Ms.Bethany Hutcheon


  33. Rebecca McLeish

    I am glad to shop from Huggoes and these flip flops are so comfy and reliable to carry.

  34. Maya Pither

    Lovely website and beautiful colors sandals.

  35. Ms.Anna Tilley

    They produce season essential flip flops, very supporting straps for skin.

  36. Nelda C. Roberson

    White always looks pretty on my feet, I guess it’s my kind of color that’s why I picked smoky among a long list of pretty shadess and styles..

  37. Lydia Morley

    Perfect for domestic use.

  38. Anna Tilley


    They produce season essential flip flops, very supporting straps for skin.

  39. Andrea Bachmeier

    White is more susceptible to dirt but still I bought them because I loved its soothing look. Perfect!!!

  40. Christellina George

    Can wear them inside house or near my poolside, very soft and comfy.

  41. Anesthesia Brounn

    Extremely pretty and colorful flipflops collection, loved them.

  42. Alexa H. Graham

    Got my order on time . Thanks to their praiseworthy services.

  43. Amber Cattanach

    It is great for indoor use.

  44. Barbora Tomášová

    I don’t like confined shoes, open flip flops has been a great option for summers.

  45. Anna Sousa Melo

    Not much satisfied from stability standpoint.

  46. Annette E. Schneider

    I wish it has some support for my arches, I would definitely have rated them five for that.

  47. Erin Rhodes

    It looks cute with my shorts and skirts.

  48. Kayleigh Bell

    I purchased two sandals and absolutely in love with them. Definitely will be buying more….

  49. Emily W. Franklin

    Delivered on time and received the best flip flops.

  50. Anella Sawoski

    The natural rubber flipflops give a nicer look with jeans. I like the soft structure

  51. Ross T. Harry

    I have 3 pairs now, and these flipflops just become my favorite for all seasons..

  52. Kateřina Hrnčířová

    The straps are little stretchable that are perfect for my wide feet.

  53. Courtney Bibi

    Natural rubber is truly what makes me add to cart and the moment it arrived , I feel satisfied with my purchase.

  54. Anonymous

    I can’t find any support for my arches.

  55. Yasmin Reed

    White color gets dirty very quickly but I wash them with water and soap and it appears like a new one.

  56. Astrid Couture

    The best quality, color range is the cutest!

  57. Jade Rosenhain

    The thick sole feels sturdy and provides safety while I walk.

  58. Shannon

    My mistake that I bought the white color, it gets dirty very quickly but thanks to the rubber quality that I clean them with water and soap and it turns out like a new pair.

  59. Nicole Bazinet

    After trying these, I have started to love flip flops and of course the brand too!

  60. Milagro D. Donahue

    Reduce stress and confirms comfort.

  61. Marina Schweizer

    Never slipped in them. Waterproof!!!

  62. Anonymous

    I feel so restful wearing these perfectly fine pairs!! Highly recommended!!

  63. Zoe

    My feet slide in outward direction while I walk. May be I have received the wrong size!

  64. Yasmin Patterson

    Fair feet and white color gives a good combination!

  65. Janice C. Lloyd

    Nicely made for beach fun. Good work!!

  66. Valler.LL

    This white color gets dirty so fast but it also gives a perfect look with that same speed!!

  67. Wilma M. Duggins

    Soft rubber, waterproof product!!

  68. Dakota Olney

    Softest soles that you couldn’t be able to find anywhere else except of Huggoes!!

  69. Veronica JKH

    Arch support is missing!! I want this brand to introduce highly supportive flip flops.

  70. JES

    Always on the top for an easy routine.

  71. Ms. Anette

    They were just ok, not super comfy!!

  72. TMEy

    Light colors get dirty so quick! I wish I had bought them in a dark color.

  73. Mary Smith

    Waiting for a sale and surely I’ll be back again to place my order.

  74. Isabel

    Truly great for the daily use.

  75. Katie B. Underwood

    The sole is soft to my feet. Thanks for delivering the right one at right time…

  76. Ms. Chelsea

    There is a lack of stability in the flip flops. I am not highly satisfied however, I use them for short walks.

  77. Anonymous

    I don’t feel any harshness on my foot skin. This is why Huggoes is the best for me.

  78. JUYT

    Love shopping flip flops from here. Good quality!!

  79. Charlotte R. M

    Awesome customer service, I got the pair on time.

  80. Bella Selwyn

    My friend doesn’t go anywhere she buys from here. Cheap in price. The white color gets dirty very quickly but cleaning them is very easy.

  81. Christine

    Truly the best thing I got after years. Sturdy sole and feels soft to my feet. Good price point for the comfort it has provided.

  82. Sabrina Sankt

    Rubber quality is good. It is my favorite flip flop. I like the collection of huggoes.

  83. Ashley V. Green

    Skin-friendly flip flops!! Great experience.

  84. Micheline M. M

    I loved it but white gets dirty so quicklyy :((( and I hate washing it again and again.

  85. Penny D. Perry

    This is my first flip flops from Huggoes and I truly love them. Kept them only for picnics and water places.

  86. Amelia Elisha

    Sole is so flexible and sturdy at the same time. Satisfied…

  87. Ms.Fiammetta

    Outstanding collection of these flip flops. This flip flops are so light.

  88. Claudia Bayer

    They are my favorite flip flops. These are cute, comfortable and fits as I expected.

  89. Anonymous

    They are soft and cute, get more comfortable when I walk on the streets.

  90. Isabel Clement

    It is good only for in house use because it doesn’t have much support to walk on uneven paths.

  91. Ida Holmefjord

    Huggoes has built the best quality products. These are awesome pairs.

  92. Anonymous

    The most important thing is, my feet got no pain in them.. Good one!!

  93. Ms. Cecilie J.

    The rubber quality feels very nice and I believe it will last for long time.

  94. Ms. Karolin

    They have nice rubber material and are best in quality.

  95. Mrs. Fried

    If you want comfort and quality at a low price, you shouldn’t miss visiting this website.

  96. Mrs. Overdijk

    I love to wear them at the picnic and the seaside. So light in weight and easy to carry…

  97. Mrs. Jorritsma

    Huggoes provides comfortable collections of flip flops.

  98. Huette

    An excellent option for summer fun.

  99. Yesenia

    I usually wear them in summers, when I roam around the pool or in the hotel room.

  100. Viljanen

    They are super comfortable, cute, and feminine.

  101. Mrs. Edouard

    They’re perfect for summer. I wear them outside and inside the house.

  102. Marie

    Love wearing them around the cottage, in the yard, or in water places.

  103. Alessia

    I was really looking for versatile flip flops that could give a soft feel while I walk and these are amongst them.

  104. Gerlinde van

    These are the most comfortable flip-flops I’ve owned! I usually wear these at Water Park…

  105. Mrs. Tobiassen

    I love these flip-flops. I wear them all summer. I was so delighted to find this color in my size. It’s going to be a year and these are still working as they are a new pair.

  106. Mandy Peters

    The footbed cradles my feet with its softness. Lovely <3

  107. Ms. Clarice

    I always wear flip-flops of Huggoes in the sunny weather and they are fine to me.

  108. Lillian E.

    I like the fit… the comfort… and the color…

  109. Mrs. Williamson

    I wore them with my summer outfits and they just rocked!

  110. Ms. Viragh

    These are the best, supportive, cushiony flip-flops I ever had.

  111. Natasa

    The straps are super soft and comfy too, they don’t rub or irritate my feet at all.

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