Tinted Women Flip Flops Slippers

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Tinted Women Flip Flops Slippers

(73 customer reviews)


  • Grey/BlackGrey/Black
  • Grey/BrownGrey/Brown
  • Grey/OrangeGrey/Orange
  • Grey/PinkGrey/Pink
  • Grey/TurquoiseGrey/Turquoise
  • SS
  • MM
  • LL
  • XLXL


Sophisticated and funky Tinted BK2-WM grey flip flops are the perfect addition to your summer travel bag. These toe thongs are refined and sturdy, since they are made with 100% natural rubber. The freshly contained rubber is crafted into resilient grey flip flops which provide a tenfold increase in your summer fun. These womens grey flip flops provide your feet with minimal coverage that allows your feet to remain dry for long hours. The air ventilation is heightened by the breathable material of the footbed.

The clean, simple, and minimal design of flip flop straps will not take away the spotlight from your summer outfit but will fit right into your overall persona. Hit the beach in these women flip flops slippers and have summer fun like never before!

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Strap Color

Grey/Black, Grey/Brown, Grey/Orange, Grey/Pink, Grey/Turquoise


S, M, L, XL

73 reviews for Tinted Women Flip Flops Slippers

  1. Anna Zichová

    My favorite after shower flip flops.

  2. Corinne Lécuyer

    Right for picnics!

  3. Ena Klobučar

    I am so pleased with my purchase! Not cheap in quality!

  4. Jean A. Penrod

    These are flexible but not flimsy. I am happy I didn’t get deceived buying online.

  5. Rebeca Cavalcanti

    For an urgent buying, these flip flops are great! Customer service is very fast.

  6. Harriette Bondy

    I have owned two pairs of huggoes flip flops and they have been buttery soft and cute to wear.

  7. Ms. Rebecca

    These are my house slippers and I never slipped in them.

  8. Sarah Ford

    Its rubber is not stinky at all. Love wearing them.

  9. Johanna Decker

    The straps don’t rub against my skin and this is why I wear them a lot in summer days.

  10. Charmaine Moïse

    I have bought two pairs of flip flops from here and both of them are perfect.

  11. Orane Chartier

    Flip flops are the first love of summer. I decided to try few from huggoes and it was really very well in quality and comfort both.

  12. Martha Sørensen

    Unlimited beach side walking is possible for me with these huggoes flip flops.

  13. Maya Sugden

    Excited to carry them on my beach excursions

  14. Jasmine Symes

    I didn’t get the right size. My foot is narrow and it was losing grip in it.

  15. Lucinda Grimm

    For a non-stop picnic pleasures, buying these flip flops will be the right decision.

  16. Evie Le Messurier

    Superb collection of strappy and flip-flops for my summer excursions.

  17. Sofia Bakels

    The squishy sole has become my favorite part that makes me more excited to wear them. Cutesssst one!!!

  18. Vanessa

    It’s uncomfortable to walk for a long time in them, but they are great for in house use.

  19. Jana Mikolášová

    Walking on wooden floor is better in these flip flops.

  20. Eleanor Tremblay

    I like flip flops for house chores than thongs. Lightweight and comfy.

  21. Marie G.


  22. Zdenka Šrámková

    These are for my indoor use.

  23. Judy F. Ko

    The shape of these flip flops have no arch support that means you cannot walk for long hours in them but still if you want something light in wearing then these are best for the related purpose.

  24. Victoria Stevens

    Very exciting colors for my summer trips & excursions

  25. Anke Barth

    Fine quality. Perfect vacation essential.

  26. Ms. Bianca Pigot

    My partner says the color looks boring 🙁

  27. Jakobine Kreutzmann

    My whole family use the flip flops of huggoes… It is perfect!!!

  28. Anonymous

    These are so wide that doesn’t look good on my narrow feet

  29. Anke Seiler

    So lightweight that I don’t even feel the presence of these flip flops beneath my feet.

  30. Fauna Denis

    Cushy soles, my feet are in love with them.

  31. Michelle Wirth

    With shorts and a tee, these looks super cute.

  32. Kathrine Jeremiassen

    The rubber sole is very durable and water resistant.

  33. Bethany MacCarthy

    Super comfy and stays on my feet so well.

  34. Barbara E. H

    Satisfied experience.

  35. Karoline Abelsen

    These top quality flip flops arrived on prime time. Lovely!!!

  36. Isabelle Parkin

    This was the perfect help in summer season for me.

  37. UU

    Try them for beaches and perfect pool enjoyment!!

  38. Eve Deeming

    Every time I wear them, a feel of solace spreads beneath my feet. Its a perfect choice for my feet…

  39. Anonymous

    My newest favorite flip flops!!!

  40. TGV

    Great thing for wearing in house.

  41. Mrs. Kneece

    Tested them for the first time and it turned out to be the best experience.

  42. Mrs. Skuthorp

    My feet felt the independency against pain in them. Highly recommended!!!

  43. Kimberly. KK

    Good enough for picnic points and a nature walk.

  44. AnonymOUS

    Stain-resistant flip flops, wear them anywhere without any fear!!

  45. Doris S. T

    Not good for long day walking but fine for short activities…

  46. Harriet C. Turner

    Delightful me, happy feet!!

  47. Ebony Krichauff

    My wife loved it. Very comfy sole!! Good to buy!!

  48. Jade Jeanneret

    For a perfect experience, try Huggoes.

  49. Mrs. Pierce

    Summer is the season to wear these softies daily. Once the bright sunny days will arrive, I will buy more flip flops from here.

  50. Charli Leddy

    It’s the incredible pick for both, wearing inside and outside.

  51. Mrs. Alexander

    You are totally going to love them!! Amazing comfort and high quality rubber material.

  52. Mareta Pirozzi

    Super collection of strappy flip flops. The straps are great in quality.

  53. Dorothy D. Rayburn

    Sale is on and it’s the right time to have your hands on these comfy flip flops. I have placed the order for three of them and waiting anxiously to receive the order.

  54. Frederikke Johansen

    Every summer I always buy new flip flops from Huggoes. I also love the colors and quality.

  55. Skye Handt

    Summer and bright-colored flip-flops make up the best combination.

  56. VVM

    Washable!! It’s my waterproof picnic pick.

  57. Ms. Iris

    The flip-flop collection is nice and it looks attractive after wearing.

  58. Isabelle Malley

    Comfortable sole, perfect fit..

  59. Astrid P. Henriksen

    I like the color of these flip flops. Best to keep it as a summer staple.

  60. Mrs. Moresby

    It is so flexible and I can wash them easily whenever I want.

  61. Ute Konig

    It is so soft and I can wash them whenever I want.

  62. Nediljka

    I don’t have to worry to wear them near the seaside. They are waterproof and cute in looks.

  63. Mrs. Basten

    It is lightweight and comfortable to wear.

  64. Mrs. Lachman

    This product is nice and services are so satisfied.

  65. Mrs. Zárubová

    I ordered this flip flop from huggoes, it quickly delivers the right product at the right time.

  66. Kristýna

    I am glad to shop from Huggoes. These flip flops are really comfy.

  67. Melania

    They’re so comfortable, cute, durable, and last for a long time!

  68. Mrs. Sievinen

    I love huggoes for their good rubber quality and soft feel.

  69. Suoma

    Excellent quality and it makes my walk effortless.

  70. Morgana

    It saves me from slipping, maintains good grip…

  71. Johanna Herzog

    There is a lacking of balance in the flip flops. Kindly consider support while making such things. Apart from that, these are good to buy.

  72. Mrs. Nieuwenhoven

    These flip-flops are so awesome and I am excited to wear them again in summers.

  73. Brooke Reeves

    I will continue to buy 2 or 3 pairs every summer! They are durable and well made. I am very happy with this purchase!

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