Tuscan Off White Women Strappy Sandals

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Tuscan Off White Women Strappy Sandals

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  • Off White/BlackOff White/Black
  • Off White/BrownOff White/Brown
  • Off White/Dark PinkOff White/Dark Pink
  • Off White/Light BlueOff White/Light Blue
  • Off White/Light PinkOff White/Light Pink
  • Off White/WhiteOff White/White
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Tuscan Off White Women Strappy Sandals

These voguish double strap TUSCAN off white 1820W-1 WM sandals are made to embrace each foot with extra peace and pleasure. Both the straps are attached with utmost tenability on either side. The fine stitches which are incorporated over the strap provide additional stability and strengthen the quality of these women strappy sandals. Tuscan strap sandals womens are all-day wearable, durable, light-weight, and are easy to snuggle foot in. These off white sole sandals will add an essence of charm to your wardrobe staple. The monochromatic contrast of Tuscan off white women strappy sandals will add a whole new dimension to your boring outfits. The thick straps provide necessary coverage while allowing air ventilation. Permit your feet to swirl and whirl with the taste of simplicity and sustains a proper balance with these cute strappy sandals.

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Strap Color

Off White/Black, Off White/Brown, Off White/Dark Pink, Off White/Light Blue, Off White/Light Pink, Off White/White


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48 reviews for Tuscan Off White Women Strappy Sandals

  1. Lillie

    I took them to beach side and I was relaxed the whole day.

  2. Ms. Regine

    I bought two pairs from here. Totally fine in quality and comfort is incredible.

  3. Martina Žáčková

    I really love the color range and these tuscans look pretty adorable on my foot.

  4. Millie Cox

    They are perfect if you are concerned about the water plans. Strappy look is stylish while the water resistant material is a permission to enjoy the summer plans.

  5. Jacquline H. Witherington

    These wide straps rubber sandals solved my queries. I wanted a pair which can cover the top area of my feet and equally permit them to breathe in fresh air has been resolved with them. I called them my perfect feet companion!

  6. Mandi Ramey

    Excellent softness feels like walking on clouds…

  7. Erika Battles

    Preferred brown and white combo for myself, I love neutrals

  8. Shawn J. Miller

    My mother loves your flip flops , she is trying these strappies for the first time and contended with these sandals too

  9. Mary R. Schwab

    I would love to rate them 5 stars

  10. Seliena Powell

    All praise for picture perfect product. Satisfied.

  11. Ms.Belty Straw

    What an amazing rubber material strappys’ , I bought them for my problematic feet which improved my walking experience from fuss to happy.

  12. Naura Coneddie

    Two straps combination gives flawless look!

  13. Zonita Trumoh

    Woah! What an amazing rubber sandals…

  14. Ms.Monica W. Lewis

    Doesn’t slip in water, look so natural.

  15. Dorothy K. Calhoun

    Absolutely soft wearable make my feet relaxed under scorching heat with fantastic colors combination…

  16. Evie Pridham

    Well constructed, natural rubber flipflops unlike other hard material slippers that hurt the foot

  17. Jessica Hardey

    Wear them in water & these straps don’t come out unlike other strappy sandals, also easy to wash…another favorite point.

  18. Kaitlyn Burnside

    Beautiful color combinations. Wow

  19. Ms.Charlotte De Rougemont

    I want something for my wide foot shape that doesn’t look odd or dull my sparkle, then there comes these sandals image somewhere on instagram and that really pushed me to add them in my cart, the moment my ordered is arrived , I rushed to wear these softies and yes this is what I want , smooth, soft, supportive , best for wide feet in short! Love Huggoes sandals.

  20. Keira Brown

    In love with the strappy rubber sandals, they are super soft, water resistant and cool.

  21. Natasha Coleman

    Best summer wearable.

  22. Ms.Elizabeth Mudie

    Wonderful products Hugooes. I like it.

  23. Victoria Fraire

    SUMMERS are more fun with these slippers…

  24. Erin Kenyon

    Excellent softness. I love these strappy rubber sandals. Nice construction.

  25. Ms.Fusberta

    These sandals are easily washable. Amazing quality of the sole. Excellent softness. White and black pair looks great.

  26. Vitória Correia

    I bought these Tuscan sandals for my travel purpose and quick trips because of its comfort and lightweight.

  27. Beverly M. Castillo

    These dual strap sandals have a perfect grip and save me from sudden slipping…

  28. Ms. Ditte C.

    Comfort is guaranteed in them, I must say these are too awesome.

  29. Barbara

    The wide two straps have covered my feet quite well. Best choice I have ever made.

  30. Ms. Melanie

    Amazing quality. Best choice I have ever made.

  31. Aslıhan

    I believe these sandals will run for a long time because it is a good quality product.

  32. Gallia

    These sandals never give trouble to my feet.

  33. Ms. Libuše

    I wear this strappy sandal usually on my trips and have found it quite adaptable.

  34. Natálie

    Impressive customer service… The order arrived on prime time and was packed well. Comfortable!!

  35. Mrs. Kornilova

    Summer is coming and I am thinking to buy one more pair from Huggoes. These are very comfortable and so soft to walk in.

  36. Vilja

    Thick soles, that you don’t fear stepping on rocks. They’re just awesome and comfortable.

  37. Sarah Rothstein

    These are PERFECT. The smooth straps feel like heaven on my feet. Truly what I was looking for…

  38. Rannveig

    I absolutely love these! They are comfy and cute! The color combination is exactly what I was looking for…

  39. Mrs. Tomaszewska

    These strappy sandals are so awesome. I knew they looked gorgeous and the straps are comfortable on my feet.

  40. Leigh M.

    Summer sandal couldn’t be better than these. Soft and sturdy.

  41. Mrs. Loewe

    They are wonderful. I wore them nonstop in Spain for 3 weeks in the summer.

  42. Helene

    Comfortable, well-made and perfect fit!

  43. Amedee Allain

    They are good for summer use.

  44. Mollie B.

    I can wear these all day. They are very cute and look good on my feet and very attractive.

  45. Mrs. Davidson

    Lovely hues. Good pick for summer.

  46. Vonda N.

    OMG, these are super cute and super comfy!

  47. Maria

    I can go to the grocery store and walk around with no pain at all.

  48. Mrs. Morandl

    It is so soft and flexible and feels like walking on the clouds. Thumbs Up to the quality and comfort!

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